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worried I have miscarried

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LondonStill83 Mon 14-Mar-16 17:37:36

Hi all!

I am 10+2 today. Saw heart beat at 7 and 9.2 weeks.

My symptoms have completed abated in the last two weeks and I am worried I have had a silent miscarriage.

No symptoms of miscarriage.

I am in India so would love some reassurance!!

TattieHowkerz Mon 14-Mar-16 17:46:16

It is not unusual for symptoms to fluctuate or fade. I worried about this a bit and was relieved to see a health baby at my 12 week scan.

Are you due another scan? Is there anyway you can arrange one?

LondonStill83 Mon 14-Mar-16 17:46:22


LondonStill83 Mon 14-Mar-16 17:47:11

I might be able to here. I am not due for another scan until 14 weeks as I am away until then. I suppose I could probably find a hospital and pay for one here.

TattieHowkerz Mon 14-Mar-16 18:45:56

I reckon it is worth having one for reassurance if you can manage it.

FutureMum Tue 15-Mar-16 05:33:44

Similar here, having a scan today after lots of bleeding over the weekend and symptoms gone. Hanging on to hope and feeling worried.

KatharinaRosalie Tue 15-Mar-16 08:57:04

Placenta starts working around 10th week, so many people find their symptoms ease up. It's also completely normal for symptoms to come and go. Try not to worry.

Bellasima20 Tue 15-Mar-16 09:26:25

London dont worry, most of us will have had a stage where we dont "feel" pregnant and the early days before being able to feel movements/bump growing/ or use Doppler yourself if you'd want too are so hard. Concentrate on the positive, no bleeding or pain (I assume?). Sounds like all fine.

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