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Another 'if you were sick in one pregnancy' question...

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Thurlow Mon 14-Mar-16 16:30:41

How sick were you in other pregnancies?

Just asking as I was horrible sick with DC1 - not full-blown HG, but 2-4 times a day even on medication until about 20w. Started on the dot of 6w.

7w with DC2 now and I'm nauseous and queasy, but not to point of actually throwing up.

What are the chances that if it hasn't kicked in with a vengeance yet, it might not? Or is this just wishful thinking?!

NeedACleverNN Mon 14-Mar-16 16:41:53

I had terrible hypermesis with Dd

Hospitalised a few times due to dehydration.

One of the reasons we ummed and aahed about baby number 2.

I was perfectly fine with ds.

Threw up once. Felt sick a few times but not enough to make me feel ill.

Much better pregnancy in that respect. However I did have sciatica with ds though hmm

TooGood2BeFalse Mon 14-Mar-16 17:29:32

I felt great other than the odd 'ugh that smells revolting' moment with DS1.

Now 22 weeks with DS2, I felt sick as a pig,dizzy and headaches for the first 16 weeks, as well as horrific fatigue. Also

Awful,awful start to a pregnancy, I couldn't believe the difference.

Cue EVERYONE lining up to tell me it was therefore a girl as I felt SO different to the first time. Nope, another beautiful baby boy :-D On the plus side, I felt this peanut move a lot earlier, at exactly 15 weeks.

Don't panic,you may be safer this time!Pregnancy is weird haha.

Jenjen85 Mon 14-Mar-16 17:52:33

Has HG with DD which started bang on 6wks until around 18wks losing 2 stone.

Currently 15+5 with DC2 and only been sick once but have felt quite nauseous started from around 8weeks and only just feeling normal ish now (whatever that is) have been having headaches for the past week.

Likewise Toogood people keep saying might be a boy as so different to DD but got another 4 weeks until we find out so who knows

MintyBojingles Mon 14-Mar-16 21:50:08

I was terribly sick with DC1, threw up multiple times a day, barely kept anything down, lasted 8 months sad

I'm 17 weeks with DC2, been sick every few days, but nothing too bad. Didn't kick in till 12 weeks mind hmm

Tatie3 Mon 14-Mar-16 21:51:58

I was very sick and lost weight during my first and second pregnancies and although I've been nauseous this time I've actually been sick very little. You could just get lucky this time!

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