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under hospital care for mental health

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bringonthrsummer Mon 14-Mar-16 16:12:55

Has anyone been put under hospital care (rather than just midwife led care) for mental health reasons? If so what happens? I've already been taken off all my meds.

Sophia1984 Mon 14-Mar-16 20:45:09

I was initially put under shared consultant/midwife care because of a history of anxiety. The consultant I saw was useless and just said he'd see me at 28 weeks. My midwife also referred me to the perinatal psychiatrist who was brilliant. We've come up with a plan to come off my meds as I don't want to be on them for third trimester, but other than that I am too low-risk to get any help. I got the impression that services were available if you had a history that was more depression than anxiety or if you had a history of self-harm. How are you feeling?

bringonthrsummer Mon 14-Mar-16 21:32:55

I haven't even booked in with my midwife yet so I was a bit shocked to have been referred so soon but the psychiatrist told my gp I was off my meds so he must of done it. I'm more on the bipolar and boarder line personality disorder side so maybe that's why. Thanks for your reply X

Sophia1984 Mon 14-Mar-16 21:48:27

No problem. I think it's automatic if you have a history of depression. Nothing to worry about :-)

Scarydinosaurs Mon 14-Mar-16 21:53:29

I got great care throughout my pregnancy due to my MH. I was so impressed. I really hope you have the same great experience.

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