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?Pregnant after erpc

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Allymcca Sun 21-Feb-16 23:53:06

Could I be pregnant? Had erpc following miscarriage at 6 weeks discovered at 9 weeks. This was on 1st Feb. Just done pregnancy test and faint positive line. Could I be pregnant or is it most likely hormones from miscarriage?

nehagarg Mon 22-Feb-16 06:50:14

Could be either really. I had a mmc around similar gestation as you and it took 4 weeks to get a negative test. Best way to find out is to do 2 blood tests a couple of days apart to see what way hCG is going, I guess.

So sorry for your loss. Its the worst thing in the world. flowers

BeardMinge Mon 22-Feb-16 12:23:53

I was still testing positive for a few weeks after my ERPC at 9 weeks.

Depends on if you've ovulated or had sex since the procedure really. I suspect it's unlikely, but maybe go speak to your GP or EPU if you're concerned.

UmmedAndAhhed Mon 22-Feb-16 14:53:44

It took 3 weeks for me to get a negative pregnancy test after my ERPC. AF arrived a week later. May speak to gone EPU for ad use if you're unsure.

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