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maternity clothing - too early?

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mrsspeckyfoureyes Fri 19-Feb-16 12:29:56

Hi all,

I'm only 7 weeks pregnant BUT i'm having major bloating issues - the only thing I can wear is smocked or skater dresses. I don't have enough of these to keep me going through the working week and before I go and buy a few more I wondered how worth it is me actually buying a couple of maternity dresses instead? I know I don't have a bump at all yet, would maternity dresses in my normal size just be too big and look ridiculous or could i get away with it? That way I've got them for now and for later when I actually need them, and I hopefully won't be spending too much extra money. My boobs are also getting massive so I'm sure mat clothes would help with that too!

spnfan Fri 19-Feb-16 13:04:35

I was in my maternity jeans from week 6 due to bloat!! So I say it's never too early. grin

I wore mat dresses before I had a bump and they were fine - slightly longer at the front than back but that was only noticeable if you really looked!

Go for it. You'll be so comfy!

Mslg Fri 19-Feb-16 13:06:54

I just got some more baggy clothes like jumpers and floaty tops and wore leggings in the first few weeks. Found that the bloating went down and I could wear my normal clothes again. The problem with some of the maternity stuff is that there's a big space at the front for bump and if you don't have one to fill it yet I think it sits a little oddly. Even now at 16 weeks I still don't have a bump to fill it!

Nosnowjustrain Fri 19-Feb-16 13:07:13

I'm 6wks and will be pulling out my maternity jeans this week as so bloated!

BunchOfBobs Fri 19-Feb-16 13:10:01

I've been in maternity jeans since week 8 due to bloating and for a few weeks before that I was in sweats much bigger than I would normally wear. My bloat has been replaced by bump and I never got back into normal clothes. I'm only 14+6 but definitely showing, I have a bump from the moment I wake up until I sleep. Get shopping!!

malvinandhobbes Fri 19-Feb-16 13:16:30

I wore some between 8-11 weeks, then the bloat went down and I got about 2 weeks out of normal clothes and back in some maternity clothes from 13 weeks, and now at 17 weeks only maternity clothes. The maternity jeans only started to stay up this week. I have maternity work out clothes and just today the maternity pyjamas arrived.

This is my third baby and the bump is big. I keep thinking the growth will slow, but no such luck. At this rate I will be huge.

cheekstime Fri 19-Feb-16 15:07:08

Normal jumper dresses, you can get some that aren't for winter. In the early days I tried purpose made over bump preg leggins and the bump was just too big. Maybe under bump work better but I didn't bother in the end, found putting 'darts' in waist band of normal jeans were better. Maybe maternity stretch type dresses would work, with your bump makign the shape rather than pre made. Goodluck

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