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1day period follwed by 2 days of spotting..

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maz254 Wed 17-Feb-16 23:39:06

Hi, I will give a bit of insight in to my situation as I feel a bit confused as to what to do right now and I guess I am hoping to hear from other people in similar situations.. I appologise if I am posting in the wrong forum thread.. I am still trying work out how to navigate through..

On the 7th of december I had a dnc at 7/8 weeks.. I had a MMC. They didnt take take all of the fetus out and I thought I was pregnant 2 weeks later but I wasnt and had to have a tablet in the hospital to help things move along.. that was on the 30th of dec. I did not bleed much after the d&c, nor did i bleed much at all after the medical management... 2 weeks later on the 14th of january I had a light period which only lasted 3 days.. My normal periods before the pregnancy was always 5 days long and mid flow.. But i just put it down to the d&c...

I started to have the metalic taste in my mouth, etc and some other pregnancy symptoms and felt bloated and full went of certain foods and the taste of water is nasty to me.. then they disappeared.. I done 2 pregnancy tests from superdrugs in the first week of feb and they came up faint positives.. then on other tests i got negitives.. i have been having cramps mainly in the middle of my uterus, like there was a ball rolling around in there.

My period for this month was due the 14th, but came on the 15th.. it was really light and looked a bit watered down (sorry for tmi).. I didnt really fill a pad, the 2nd day was more like spotting that turned to brown blood and has completely stopped this morning (day 3).. I am still cramping at the sides of my uterus and sometimes at the top in the middle.. I dont know what to think, I have read online to wait a week before testing again.. It is just so disappointing seeing those BFN..

can anyone help with their stories or shed a bit of light on mine? I would be very grateful x Thank you x

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