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What were you Nuchal translucency results?

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CityFox Wed 17-Feb-16 12:56:18

If you don't mind me asking...

I had my last child at 30 and opted for the test. It came back as very low risk, I think 1-100,000 or something?

So, that was 5 years ago. Apparently my risk is now 1:350.

Can I ask people what their results were and at what age?

BunchOfBobs Wed 17-Feb-16 12:58:48

I'm 30 and got my results back last week 1 in 10,000.

LilyMyOneAndOnly Wed 17-Feb-16 13:00:08

I'm 31 and had a 1 in 2550 result. Waiting on or Harmony test results, should be available tomorrow.

CityFox Wed 17-Feb-16 13:05:53

I've got the scan on Tuesday.

How long did your results take to come back?

I might look into the harmony testing.

mrsjskelton Wed 17-Feb-16 13:07:32

26 - 1:80

Tfoot75 Wed 17-Feb-16 13:12:47

Mine were 1:12,000 and 1:18,000 or similar, age 28 and 31. Not sure what age related risk is alone at age 35 but would not have thought it that high?

BeardMinge Wed 17-Feb-16 13:15:26

1:1700, aged 40.

Also had a Harmony test though.

Lexipedia Wed 17-Feb-16 13:20:35

33 - 1 in7000
36 - 1 in 32000

JustTheOneThanks Wed 17-Feb-16 13:22:51

22 - 1 in 20,000 ish

beeny Wed 17-Feb-16 13:24:29

Was 36 when i had my first it was 1 in 47,000

notfromstepford Wed 17-Feb-16 14:07:23

1 in 2332 at age 41

sepa Wed 17-Feb-16 14:13:52

1 in 24,587 at 27yo

LilyMyOneAndOnly Wed 17-Feb-16 16:28:14

Just had the harmony results and I'm low risk for all ie less than 1 in 10,000.

CityMole Wed 17-Feb-16 16:34:20

I'm 40. I was told that if i went for NT testing then my risk would inevitably come out high because, regardless of the measurement and bloods results, when they add in the age factor, it always comes out as a scary stat. So I had the harmony and am in lowest possible risk category and I've known this since I was 11 weeks pregnant which took a lot of stress of the first tri (and indeed beyond- obviously a million other things can go wrong but the trisomy testing was a specific worry of mine).

allthegoodnamesalreadytaken Wed 17-Feb-16 16:35:36

I'm 32 and it was 1 in 12,000

Turquoisetamborine Wed 17-Feb-16 16:37:10

I was 35 and my result was 1 in 27 which was high. I had the Nifty test and it came back clear of any anomaly when I was 14 weeks.

scaredmum2be Wed 17-Feb-16 16:52:02

22 and 1:3600 for t21
And 1:75000 for t13 and t18
My nuchal measurement at 12+4 was 2.6mm

Mslg Wed 17-Feb-16 17:26:53

Mine is 1 in 35,000. I'm 31

CityFox Wed 17-Feb-16 17:35:02

Ah congrats Lily.

I'm amazed at how in real life, it appears to bear very little relation the the mothers age.

sophied1983 Fri 19-Feb-16 07:18:36

I am 32. My background risk based on age, ethnicity etc. was 1:435 and mine came back as 1:2866 so pretty low.

sophied1983 Fri 19-Feb-16 07:20:16

The nuchal translucency measurement was 1.5mm at 11+3.

cheekstime Fri 19-Feb-16 10:13:44

Im 38, 1:590. all best

cheekstime Fri 19-Feb-16 10:18:11

Interesting how they asked whether I had a bleed before testing, which can be due to toher factors outside health of child. Wonder if thats taken into account too. Harmony testing is available private and also private with some NHS x

cheekstime Fri 19-Feb-16 10:19:36

you will have to seek in out by phoning midwife dept at the hospital where you had testing, if you are low risk. Think you are told about this if you are high risk. bye.

Poshsausage Fri 19-Feb-16 10:28:45

I had twins one was 1:10 and the other was 1:350
The 1:10 one has already been noticed to have problems ie hydrops and heart defect and little man was terminated he had a chromosomal partial deletion
I was 41

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