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Labour with DC2 did you know sooner/what to expect?

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BumpPower Thu 11-Feb-16 15:50:40

I know there is no real answer to this but I'm stressing and need so mumsnet wisdom. I am 35weeks pregnant with DC2 we have no family close by and whilst my wonderful NCT friends have offered to have DC1 (nearly 2) if I go into labour until grandparents can get down here (3 or 4hours drive). I'm still worried. Last time I had lots of on off contractions for days before I went properly into labour - 11days late. Will it be different now I know what 'proper' labour feels like? I don't want to call the cavalry on a false alarms. On the otherhand there are also times when it would be more convenient - the day DS is at nursery, or the weekend gps are staying for example..
Do I have a hot curry for breakfast and get racing up and down the stairs?? I realise I'm trying to schedule a baby and they don't work that way but any thoughts would be appreciated!

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