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Pregnant after a C-section

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Noappointmentnecessary Tue 09-Feb-16 19:48:09

Good evening
I'm pregnant with my 2nd baby. I had a c-section 1st time round. Although I don't have full on morning sickness at the moment, I have been feeling cramps and where they cut me, i feel discomfort, although not painful. Just wondering how other people in my situation feel/felt? I had c-section just over a year ago x

Impatientwino Tue 09-Feb-16 22:41:09

I'm pg with dc2 after a c section and yes early on I got lots of stretching pains around my scar and in that vicinity. Scar tissue isn't as flexible so hurts more when it stretches.

It eased up after about 20 weeks, can't say I've noticed much since then above the usual stretching pains.

kaymondo Tue 09-Feb-16 22:53:02

It's normal to feel some discomfort/stretching on your old scar tissue at this stage as it doesn't stretch in the way normal skin does. You'll find as you get further along that, as your uterus rises up out of your pelvis, that the discomfort eases - until the end where the baby's so big everything is stretched!

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