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MATB1 Help please!

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blessedwithtwo Fri 29-Jan-16 12:16:52

I am expecting MCDA twins and my consultant advised they do not go further than 36 weeks.

Does anyone know if he would put down on the MATB1 my 36 week due date - or the due date from my LMP?

blessedwithtwo Fri 29-Jan-16 12:17:15

oh sorry I am 17+5

Fifi10 Fri 29-Jan-16 13:21:45

I thought that your MatB1 showed your edd based on lmp/dating scan and whether the baby(s) are early or late is irrelevant.

Lots of people have unexpected inductions and early deliveries for a range of medical reasons and they don't then adjust the date on the matB1 for these so I can't see that they would change yours for a known earlier delivery date.

Panther79 Fri 29-Jan-16 13:30:58

Agree with fifi above as mine is the edd as well despite being told that I won't be allowed to go further than 38 weeks.

poocatcherchampion Fri 29-Jan-16 13:32:15

40 week due date.

blessedwithtwo Fri 29-Jan-16 15:26:37

Thanks for clarifying

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