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Brown Spotting

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HP07 Fri 22-Jan-16 23:05:55


I am 5 weeks + 2 days pregnant and I have had brown spotting almost every day of pregnancy since day 16 of my cycle except for 2 days at the beginning of this week were everything was clear. I have had trouble trying to conceive for the last two years so this pregnancy feels like a miracle. I have been to see a consultant at the hospital for infertility reasons and had an appointment on Monday to discuss some blood results and let her know I am pregnant. When the spotting subsided at the beginning of the week I felt relieved but now it has come back again I am worried. The Dr said that as long as it wasn't red and I wasn't having pain it should would be ok. I have had 2 HCG levels taken one at 4 weeks 2 days which was 315 and one at 5 weeks 1 day which was 3139 so that is good because it has more than doubled every 48hrs. I also have some weird feelings, I couldn't say cramping or pain but maybe pressure or pulling in my left hand side. I'm really looking for some reassurance ahead of my early scan on Monday week. Im panicking about everything, I'm pretty sure my mum, sister and husband are fed up of hearing about it now! They are the only people that know about the pregnancy at this stage. I know I should relax but can anyone give any advice. Do you think it could be normal stretching pains/corpus luteum cyst or something worse like an ectopic. I have been feeling the weird feeling since about 4 weeks + days, that's too early to feel an ectopic right? I might also mention that I have had brown spotting for every single cycle since I came off the pill 2 years ago.


gemsparkle84 Sat 23-Jan-16 01:23:09

Oh my gosh you're saying exactly what happened during the early weeks of my pregnancy.

I was on holiday and around 32 days of my cycle when found out I was pregnant. The day before my BFP I had terrible stabbing pains right down on my left hand side pretty much as low as you can go. I considered an ectopic also but it came and went over 24 hours and then subsided. I had the same pains occasionally through the next few weeks. I also had an episode of brown spots but everything great! Good luck!

Pineapple80 Sat 23-Jan-16 10:49:31

Hi OP, I am 5w6d with #2 and have been having light blood tinged spotting for the past 3 days. It first started very light tan and pink coloured CM (sorry for the details!) and yesterday morning it was a bit darker CM. It only appears when I go to the toilet & wipe (during no 2's, sorry again tmi). I got really worried and managed to have an early scan and see my doctor yesterday. The scan showed all that they expect at this gestation but too early to see a heartbeat. My doctor was really good and organised some urgent bloods to check HCG and progesterone. Got the result today and HCG is increasing normally. The spotting has continued today but less so than past 2 days. She has been very realistic and said at this stage it's hard to say if it the start of a miscarriage or not. I'm getting my HCG tested again early next week to see if it continues to increase as expected. I didn't have any of this early spotting last pregnancy so it is making pretty worried. I can totally understand the stress you're going through. Hang in there, maybe we can support each other on here. It helps to know I'm not the only one. Take care x

Pineapple80 Sat 23-Jan-16 10:52:22

I just wanted to add that the pulling aches and cramps are quite normal during early pregnancy (sorry, not sure if you mentioned if this is your first pregnancy?). I remember those feelings early on and have been having them this time around too. I think you should see the doctor if the pain/cramps are severe or really uncomfortable.

HP07 Sat 23-Jan-16 12:01:46

Thank you ladies. It is my first pregnancy, we have been trying for 2 years without any luck until now. We were about your be referred for IVF. Last night I woke up because I was coughing so hard and retching (I have a terrible cold which doesn't help matters) and when I went to the toilet there was red blood on the paper when I wiped. This morning I called the early pregnancy unit at the hospital and the lady said it can happen in early pregnancy. It could be nothing or it could be a warning sign of miscarriage. Now I'm even more terrified. The bleeding hasn't continued and has gone back to brown spotting when I wipe. I have to work this weekend. I'm not sure if that is good as it might take my mind off things (although it's unlikely, I'll probably just be distracted from doing my job properly) or bad because I will likely be on my feet all day long and not resting. So worried. Trying not to panic as I know it won't do any good and I can't change whatever happens but I can't help it.

PizzaConnoisseur Sat 23-Jan-16 12:12:39

I have had experience of pretty much all of the above.

First pregnancy I had light bleeding up to around 20 weeks. I had swabs done, and it was never determined why I was bleeding, or where it was coming from. Full term pregnancy and a live baby.

Third pregnancy no bleeding, but I had pain on one side from the beginning. Quite intense on some days, they detected a rather large corpus luteum cyst, but by 12 weeks the cyst and the pain was gone. That pregnancy ended well also.

I also had an ectopic and had bleeding throughout. Light, and a brownish red, but sometimes bright red. I then developed pain on one side that was constant and very difficult to ignore. So difficult I took myself to A&E. If you develop pain like this, definitely get yourself to a hospital.

Pineapple80 Sun 24-Jan-16 20:50:46

Hi HP07,

How have your symptoms been? I hope you are doing ok and things are getting better. It's so hard to relax when things don't seem right. I can only imagine how hard it is after so many yes of ttc as well.

My spotting slowed over the weekend and this morning (I'm in Australia so few hrs ahead of uk) the reddish spotting has come back after using toilet. Got me all worried again now... I cannot relax.

I'm having an early scan on Friday and more bloods in the next day or so.

Good luck with it all. Keep us posted.

HP07 Sun 24-Jan-16 21:13:21

Hi Pineapple,
After the scare in the early hrs of Saturday morning, things seem to be doing ok. I really thought that was it and I would progress onto a miscarriage. The spotting is still there - brownish to very slightly pinkish at times. I am very aware of my uterus! Its not cramping but I can 'feel' it, if that makes sense. Today at work was super busy so it wasn't too much fun. I had to let some of my colleagues know about the pregnancy as we needed to take xrays and I had to excuse myself from the room. I have my scan a week tomorrow and cannot wait. I really hope everything will be fine. My older sister had really bad bleeding for 18 weeks of her pregnancy with her younger daughter and gave birth 4 weeks early and she is healthy as anything so perhaps we can take comfort in that? smile x

Pineapple80 Sun 24-Jan-16 22:37:40

HP07 - Glad to hear that things are settling a bit. Probably good that you were able to work and keep your mind off things a little. Hope your week goes by quickly and without trouble.

You could be right maybe the spotting could run in the family. It's hard to be certain though but at least you have something to relate to. Fingers crossed for you.

Feel crazy at times every time I go to the toilet it is a check for any signs! Take care and keep in touch

HP07 Fri 29-Jan-16 16:59:42

Hi Pineapple, how did your scan go? I've still got to wait until Monday. I'm really nervous. X

HP07 Tue 02-Feb-16 12:50:09

Hope everything is OK pineapple?

Pineapple80 Wed 03-Feb-16 00:22:33

Hi HP07, sorry haven't been checking messages. So I have had 2 scans, the first one 5w5d and baby too small to measure so I went back last Friday a week later and the sonography the said still too small to see heartbeat but looks like it has grown in the past week. My HCG levels have increased as expected so now I am waiting to have another scan this Friday when I will be 7w5d. Surely we will be able to see more then?

Morning sickness is worse this week and have been extremely tired that I am not able to stay awake. I hope this is a good sign...

How are you doing? How was your scan? I hope all is ok. Do you have any more spotting? My spotting has stopped but every so often the mucus is light brown. I am still worried and anxious about the scan in a few days.

Hope you're doing well

Pineapple80 Wed 03-Feb-16 00:35:13

Also, how are you going at work? I am not currently working but I am so exhausted and often nauseous that I wonder how I will cope working once I do start... Not sure when I will be as I am looking for work, such a strange time to be job hunting confused. We also haven't told anyone about the pregnancy as I feel like it's too early and still not sure if things are ok. Find myself trying not to think too far ahead until things are more certain. Maybe I'm being a bit too negative? xx

VocationalGoat Wed 03-Feb-16 01:15:29

Loads of bleeding and cramps with all 3 of my kids OP. Spotting and cramping around 6-8 weeks with DC1, who will be 14 this month! DC2 brown blood, terrible cramps, every time I turned around, up to about 26 weeks. I was properly scared with DC2 because I had far too much bleeding going on and my terrible coughing in the night (I had an endless chest infection) didn't help. But here she is... 5 years later. wink I actually have early miscarriage on my notes for DC3 due to about 4 days of heavy brown bleeding and cramping. He's 20 months now and just finished his wee hour scream fest. DH complains he's miserable... but we love him. grin

Ironically the pregnancy I had no bleeding at all, no cramps or pains (or morning sickness) with was the one I lost at 25 weeks. sad

It's incredibly common to experience bleeding in early pregnancy. The fact thst it's all but stopped is good news and the scan will reassure you. By the next one, you should see a heartbeat. Sorry to be full on but maybe don't have penetrative sex for a while. Wait until close to the second trimester. Part of my bleeding with DC2 was related to my being more sensitive and therefore bleeding easily. Be 'creative'. wink It's so worth holding back a bit. Best of luck!


HP07 Wed 03-Feb-16 10:07:53

Hi Pineapple, thanks for updating me. I had my scan on Monday but wanted to wait to hear from you before posting. The Nurse told me that there was a possibility of ectopic before she started the scan as I have had previous ovarian surgery.....but the baby is perfect. Measuring at 5mm and we saw a heartbeat. I was a mess and crying as I was so relieved and overwhelmed. She can't see a reason for the spotting so it likely to be cervical irritation. It's still happening but not all the time. I feel very reassured now. I am still having some tugging on the left hand side but she said it is possible that because of the surgery I may have some scar tissue that is acting up or possibly my ovary may have got stuck to my bowel and is pulling. It was previously stuck to my abdo wall and they release it during the surgery but may have adhered to something again. I'm having incredibly sensitive and sore/achey boobs, I feel nauseous a lot of the time but no vomiting luckily and having to nap all the time to keep my energy up. I work nights so that is a little tricky as I do 14 hr shifts but most nights we do get some sleep on shift. Saturday was a mental night with a 4 hour abdominal surgery on a dog and I was worried I might cry as I felt stressed, worried, hormonal and tired but it was all ok in the end. I've told work and they are very supportive and have said if I need anything just to shout and I must look after myself. My boss is a long term friend so she knows me well and will help as required. Sorry for the long post. Best of luck with your next scan. X

HP07 Wed 03-Feb-16 10:09:54

Thank you for all the advice vocational goat. I am feeling a lot more positive now we have had our scan and seen the baby smile

Pineapple80 Thu 04-Feb-16 07:26:26

That's wonderful news, you must feel relieved that the baby is doing well. It must also be comforting to know your boss is so understanding at work.

I am really quite anxious about the scan tomorrow. I'm worried about why they couldn't see the heartbeat last Friday - if that normal or mean something is wrong. I guess I will find out soon. I'll let you know how it goes. Xx

HP07 Thu 04-Feb-16 08:27:33

All babies develop at different rates, we are all unique. It may just be that baby was too small last time to see a heartbeat. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Best wishes from across the pond. Please let me know how you are getting on.

Pineapple80 Thu 04-Feb-16 09:21:23

Thank you, that means a lot. I'll keep you posted smile

Pineapple80 Fri 05-Feb-16 00:47:40

Hi HP07,

I just had the scan and we saw a heartbeat! The baby measures 3mm though and makes my due date 12 days behind from my original dates so apparently I'm only measuring 6wks. I am certain I am 7w5d though. Like you said, maybe the baby is yet to have a growth spurt. I am still a bit worried so I will speak to my doctor about it and possibly organise another u/s in a couple of weeks. I will probably need to pay for that myself privately but I just need that peace of mind.

I definitely feel better knowing there's a heartbeat though. Fingers crossed things continue well - and to you too!

I didn't have a scan with my son until 11-12 weeks and didn't have any spotting so never had any worries early on last time around.

I hope you continue to be well. Paul's be nice to keep in touch by email or Facebook of you are on there? Will send a private message to you. Take care and thanks for the support so far smile

HP07 Fri 05-Feb-16 07:21:51

I was thinking of you before I went to sleep last night so it's lovely to hear things are going well this morning. Yes would be great to stay in touch and I am on Facebook. I'll wait for your message smile

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