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Dropped at 32 weeks, and Braxton Hicks already? 3rd Preg - is this normal?

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CarrieLouise25 Sun 03-Jan-16 15:30:50

Really hoping for some similar stories!

Basically, I noticed some weird tightenings the other night. They felt very familiar, just like practice contractions, but I ignored them; put it down to my imagination almost! I went to bed, and they kept coming on and off, and sorry for TMI now, but I started having bad pains in stomach and then had really bad diarrhoea. The kind you get when you're really sick.

So I panicked, thinking I'd picked up a bug, but then realised I had no fever, or other symptoms. After some googling it said diarrhoea was normal in pregnancy, but also was normal before going into labour!

Also noticed that every time I got up, belly felt like it was pulling down, really heavy. Again, tired, ignored, tried to go back to bed. In the morning, no doubt about it, baby had dropped.

Last night, more braxton hicks, way more toilet trips where assuming baby is on my bladder now.

So, I would ask my midwife, but all responses are a bit wishy washy TBH. It's 'that may or may not be normal', 'that may or may not happen', 'some women experience that some women don't' - so I'm after real stories.

Anyone else dropped this early? Or had the BH's this early? And no early labour?

Was 10 days late with first, no drop until week before, and no BH's until few days before. 3 days late with 2nd, again no drop or BH's until couple of weeks before.

Thanks! x

MissMalteser Sun 03-Jan-16 19:17:42

I'm 28 weeks and have all the above symptoms! I seem to alternate between diarrhoea and constipation tbh blush
BH do seem to start earlier and stronger with each pregnancy but as long as their not painful I think it's ok smile

CarrieLouise25 Sun 03-Jan-16 20:10:48

Thank you MissMalteser smile

It's just nice to know I'm not alone! These BH's are definitely much stronger this time around, but gladly not painful.

Yep, between constipation and diarrhoea; pregnancy is so glamorous grin

BeeMyBaby Mon 04-Jan-16 07:43:12

They say with subsequent pregnancies that babies pop in and out so your bump will drop but then may raise again iyswim. I was told at my 34 week mw app that baby was 2/5 engaged but now at 38 weeks it's wedged under my ribs again (3rd DC also)

themumfairy Mon 04-Jan-16 07:59:34

I'm in exactly the same boat. 30 weeks my bump 'dropped' according to family. Then at 32 weeks I was having the most intense BH even thriloughout the night. I really thought I was in labour as I also had period pains. I read up and the Internet said that drink plenty of water and if they continue then they might be the real deal. Fortunately mine eased off so I'm guessing I was dehydrated. I'm now 36 weeks and baby is still cooking. Rest up and drink lots of water. Good luck

CarrieLouise25 Mon 04-Jan-16 12:47:23

Thanks BeeMyBaby - I had no idea that babies could pop in and out. Cheeky monkey's grin

themumfairy - so glad baby is still cooking smile - maybe I'm dehydrated, that's great advice, just been reading about BH contractions and dehydration. So much I don't know despite it being baby number 3 grin

Good luck to you both, you're nearly there! smile

themumfairy Mon 04-Jan-16 13:41:28

Same here OP. I'm putting it down to being quite young with my ds1&2 and being quite naive. I've learned so much this time round it almost feels like I'm pregnant for the first time again. I just seemed to float through my other two.
Hopefully they'll ease off for you too soon. How old are your dc1&2?

3boys3dogshelp Mon 04-Jan-16 13:52:33

Me! During my third pregnancy I had Weeks and weeks of very strong/verging on painful bh - sometimes seemed to become regular for 30-60 mins then would just stop. They started at 27 weeks for me - I finished work early in the end as I was worried I would end up with a prem baby. Rest and drinking plenty really eased them off.
My little monkey was induced in the end!
Just so you're prepared the after pains were much stronger too...

CarrieLouise25 Mon 04-Jan-16 14:09:07

I too was v young with my first who is now 13. DC2 is 5.

Big gaps due to evil sickness and SPD. Last baby for us, and going for a home birth (hopefully!) smile

3boys3dogshelp - thanks, I definitely will take it easier now, sleeping is a nightmare at the moment though! Toilet trips, BH's, and baby kicks are huge and mainly at night, sleeping is so hard...

themumfairy Tue 05-Jan-16 08:41:21

I'd love a home birth. A previous section with ds1 disqualifies me sad
How many weeks are you now? Lovely ages, I bet their so excited. X

CarrieLouise25 Tue 05-Jan-16 13:17:17

DS13 is very excited as it's another DS grin

DD5 is very excited as it's a baby full stop, and she can't wait to cuddle him and look after him and have a real baby to mother (she has 6 pretend ones) grin

32 weeks and 1 day now. Midwife is coming round in 2 weeks to access for the home birth! Shame you can't have a home birth sad. Hopefully I will be able to and baby will behave himself and all will go well.

9 months sure is a long time...

fififolle Tue 05-Jan-16 13:47:07

Thank you for posting this CarrieLouise. I'm 34 weeks today and am having a lot of pelvic pain as baby seems to have really dropped. I had some v strong BH with quite a lot of pain on Saturday night but these eased off by the time I woke up. I'd also put them down to being dehydrated.
It's good to read about someone with a similar age gap, my DS is 5.

CarrieLouise25 Tue 05-Jan-16 14:07:52

No worries fififolle - glad to share anything that helps myself and anyone else! Great to hear real stories rather than the text book 'this is when you should drop, this is when you should get BH' etc.

My gaps are big, and I still justify why, although no one should have too! It's just whenever people ask when out and about, I'm expected to say 2 and 4 or something more 'appropriate'. All families are different grin

You're only 6 weeks until blast off. Good luck, hope it all goes well. Bet your DS is excited!

fififolle Tue 05-Jan-16 14:10:54

Thank you very much. He's super excited! He was very proud of himself helping me to rebuild the cot. I'm having a very unusual relax on the sofa this afternoon- I normally do things at 100mph and don't sit on the sofa on my own.
All the best with your home birth.

CarrieLouise25 Tue 05-Jan-16 16:06:06

Thank you! Good for you having a break. I'm the same. Can't seem to slow down at all, seem to carry on like 'normal' thinking I can still do everything, but I really can't.

Ahh, so sweet helping mummy with the cot smile. From my own experience, I loved the gap. If your DS is at school, then you get lovely time with new baby during the day, and then after school time with DS x

DannyFishcharge Tue 05-Jan-16 16:07:57

I've been like this since about 25 weeks. 32 weeks now and it still gives me the panics!

CarrieLouise25 Tue 05-Jan-16 16:21:47

DannyFishcharge - oh no! I'm not sure I would have coped if this had happened to me at 25 weeks. Every time I get a really strong contraction, I keep thinking 'stay in there!!'.

Fingers crossed we all get our fully cooked babies (although if I'm late again, no doubt I'll complain about that too...)

Good luck x

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