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16 week check up

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Inwaiting Sat 02-Jan-16 15:03:02

Hi everyone

Just wondered if someone could advise what to expect at my 16 week appointment. I have one next week and my booking appointment they didn't check anything

ParsnipSoup Sat 02-Jan-16 15:09:08

At mine they dipped my wee, checked my blood pressure, listened for a heartbeat, made sure that I had no worries or questions and sent me on my way. Much much much quicker than my booking appt.

PotteringAlong Sat 02-Jan-16 15:11:16

Practically nothing. Dip urine (take a sample with you), check BP. No heartbeat check here at 16 weeks

YokoUhOh Sat 02-Jan-16 15:18:25

Oooops OP You's just reminded me that I didn't book mine (2nd pregnancy) and I'm now 20 weeks...too late now I suppose!

Inwaiting Sat 02-Jan-16 15:20:21

I don't think you have a 16 week check yoko with second. My friend is on her second and she had an appointment at 8 weeks then her next one is in March 2016.

Thanks all smile

eternalopt Sat 02-Jan-16 15:22:20

With the midwife? Check your wee (everyone you see from now on wants a bit of your wee!), check bp, check how you are. Sometimes they try to listen for heartbeat, but my mw didn't as its not always possible to pick it up at 16wks and she found that mums got stressed if it couldn't be found!

YokoUhOh Sat 02-Jan-16 15:26:01

Ah thanks inwaiting, it's much harder to stay on top of these things with a 3 year old already on the scene!

5minutestobed Sat 02-Jan-16 15:29:29

What they said, I was in and out within about 10 mins. They went through my blood test results and I had to have another blood test to check if I'm anaemic. This is my second pregnancy I had a booking in app,16 week and then a 22 week app. Think its different depending on where you are though.

Lj8893 Sat 02-Jan-16 15:32:29

Check your urine and blood pressure. General check of your emotional status.

It's actually not part of the NICE guidelines to listen in to fetal heart at any routine appointment but some midwifes will anyway, or may do if you ask.

Lj8893 Sat 02-Jan-16 15:34:09

Oh yes and they will go through your blood results with you and how your scan/screening went.

Spock27 Sat 02-Jan-16 17:05:34

I think it depends where you're from as I want asked for a urine sample but was given a sample bottle to bring back at my 22 week appointment. This could be down to results being negative too. At mine she checked blood pressure, went through I'll results, listened to baby's heart beat and asked me if had any problems or questions. 10 minutes, in and out smile good luck!

Spock27 Sat 02-Jan-16 17:06:55

Wasn't asked, not want!

Lj8893 Sat 02-Jan-16 19:09:10

National institute of clincal excellence (NICE) guidelines recommend checking urine at every routine antenatal appointment.

Spock27 Sat 02-Jan-16 19:22:26

Yes that's what I'm saying it depends where you are, NICE isn't official legislation outside of England.

Iammad Sat 02-Jan-16 19:22:49

Checked BP,urine,heartbeat,had a scan for the heartbeat as I saw the consultant and they checked for 5 secs with doppler and couldn't find it so used the scanner.
But with my pervious 5 midwife always checked heartbeat.
But I know different midwifes dont.
Wrote blood test results in notes and booked the next appointment.

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