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Maternity support belt recommendations

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Bixxy Mon 28-Dec-15 23:42:01

I exercise a lot as part of my job. When I go too far I can feel it - I tend to get ligament pain and bump aches. MW suggested a support belt, but there are so many!

Does anyone have a recommendation or used one before? TIA

RaisedByWolves Mon 28-Dec-15 23:46:14


Beeblebrox42 Mon 28-Dec-15 23:51:04

Hope you don't mind me jump on to this thread. I'd definitely be interested in answers to this! I've been looking into one myself but I'm loathe to pay £50 or more for 3 months wear if it's not helpful!

VagueIdeas Mon 28-Dec-15 23:51:08

The Serola belt is brilliant.

Bixxy Mon 28-Dec-15 23:52:16

Beeble - ditto!!

Boosiehs Mon 28-Dec-15 23:53:13

NeoG has been good.

Although I am 36 weeks and the pgp is decking awful. Bring on the birth!!

CarShare Tue 29-Dec-15 06:25:48

Just bought one from Jojo for £24- only worn for a day but seems to give good support and reduce pain.

Whatapavlova Tue 29-Dec-15 13:02:23

I've got the Emma Jane for PGP and it definitely helps. Quick and cheap from Amazon.

Picnic2223 Tue 29-Dec-15 13:23:26

Have you asked your midwife about this, she can refer you to physio. I got mine for free from there.

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