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How can I tell if my baby is breech?

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mrsjskelton Mon 21-Dec-15 22:12:36

Been to my midwife apt today (35+6) and after telling me last time that baby is engaged, is now saying she's not sure and we're being sent for a scan. I should also mention that at my previous MW apt she said that the bum was very hard and felt like a head but she thought she could feel a head at my pelvis. Now I'm thinking she probably thought baby was breech previously too. I just wondered if anyone had any insight into what a breech baby "feels like" or any tell tale signs?

Impatientwino Mon 21-Dec-15 22:31:12

My DS was breech and I didn't know until around the same time as you.

The only thing I would say is that the feeling that friends have described of feeling like there is a head between your legs, that real heavy pushing down, not being able to walk properly - I didn't have that, at all. I was still uncomfortable but not in my groin, my bump still felt heavy but not is a downwards fashion.

Not sure if that makes any sense but that was my experience. I'm now 28 weeks pg with DC2 and it feels completely different. Much more of a lower pressure that could just be my shite pelvic floor

MurlockedInTheCellarHelpUs Mon 21-Dec-15 22:38:43

Where are the baby's hiccups? If they feel like they're bouncing off your cervix, really low down, I'd say breech. That's what it was like for me, anyway.

mrsjskelton Mon 21-Dec-15 22:40:08

Yeah I do feel "top heavy" if that makes sense! Did baby turn for you?

mrsjskelton Mon 21-Dec-15 22:41:53

Oh wow okay, my hiccups are lower down but I thought that meant she was head down! Oops hmmthis is looking likely then isn't it. I'll start sticking my bum up in the air then!!

MurlockedInTheCellarHelpUs Tue 22-Dec-15 16:43:11

Don't panic if your baby is breech, ELCSs can be wonderful experiences despite what the NCT would like you to believe.

I'm currently 33 weeks with breech baby #2, so am in a similar position!

Impatientwino Tue 22-Dec-15 20:02:44

My baby didn't turn no, he was born via ELCS.

I was desperately upset at the time, felt I'd been robbed of the decision to birth him naturally etc but now he's 3.5 I don't ever think about how he got here, it just doesn't seem important anymore.

I'm 28 weeks with DC2 and recently found out that due to an issue with the baby I'll be having another ELCS and again I feel a bit upset and like the decision was taken from me but I trust my medical team completely and I guess when this little one is bigger I won't care how he arrived either, just that he's here smile

MistyMeena Tue 22-Dec-15 20:21:03

A scan is really the only way to properly tell. Every time I was examined I was told mine was breech. He wasn't. I was even scanned when I was I labour as apparently no-one could tell the difference between a bum and a head grin

mrsjskelton Wed 23-Dec-15 14:24:22

Hah! That's exactly my problem - she can't tell if it's a head or a bum at the top! Thanks everyone X

CarrotPuff Wed 23-Dec-15 20:42:52

I never had a ball between my legs feeling, and DS was head down all the time. He just wouldn't engage. I would imagine you'd get kicks a lot lower down if it was breech though. There's still lots of time to turn.

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