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Losing weight during pregnancy

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Liquidlucnhlover Thu 10-Dec-15 23:17:15

Literally just found out I was oh yesterday. Have been on a fitness/diet overhaul in preparation for planning another little one. I have caught on early as we weren't as careful last month. I have quite a lot of weight to lose. Somewhere in the region of 5-6 stones at least.

Last time I was pg I was an ideal weight for my height and hardly put on any weight during this time, I had a lovely, easy labour and birth and was able to use the birthing pool which was amazing. It was afterwards that I ballooned. I have been advised not to carry on trying to lose weight during this pregnancy. I am not on any extreme diets, I've cut the late night snacking out, cut portion sizes down an have been taking regular exercise.

I suppose my point is that if I have the weight to lose in the first place then surely it won't hurt if I continue to lose weight by being sensible and continuing my good work?

Has anybody else been in a similar situation to me?? I want to reduce the risk of complications an I feel as though to do so, I need to keep trying to lose weight.

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