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Did my waters break?

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hannahbanananana Thu 10-Dec-15 10:08:30

I'm 34+5 and last night as I was washing the pots, I had 2 leaks of fluid.. They weren't big gushes or anything, but did feel like fairly big trickles. Maybe a couple of teaspoons. I'm pretty certain it wasn't urine, it didn't smell of anything, and it seemed too clear and thin to be discharge which I've had a lot of. I have lost slight control of my bladder on occasion, but I've always felt pressure on my bladder beforehand or it's been after I've coughed or sneezed etc. and it's been like a tiny dribble, nowhere near as much as this. I was expecting it to happen again but then that was it. If it was my waters, would there always be more than that? I've not had anything since.

I've had period like pains for a good two or three weeks now, my midwife said its probably stretching pains, but for the past three days it's gotten a lot worse and I've been having a lot of tightenings that are worse than the usual Braxton hicks. I've hardly been able to sleep because of them. One night they were coming exactly 5 minutes apart. I phoned triage and was told to have a bath and see how I go, and when I did they disappeared for an hour or two, but then came back, but haven't been regular since. I now have constant quite bad period like pain, an almost 'full' feeling really low down, I guess like pressure. I'm still getting the tightenings, but they aren't following a particular pattern and they do seem to be triggered by certain things like standing up, walking, changing position, needing a wee, having a wee etc.

Baby's movements seem to have slowed since yesterday too, I am still getting movement, but nowhere near as much as usual. Might just be in my head, or maybe he's running out of room in there. I'm thinking about ringing triage again, but I always worry about wasting their time. If this was signs of something about to happen, then surely it would have happened by now? Should I stick it out and see what happens or give them a call?

Kaytee1987 Thu 10-Dec-15 10:11:55

I think there's a test they can do to check if it's your waters. Definitely get checked out as if it's your waters you could be at risk of infection x

BondJayneBond Thu 10-Dec-15 10:23:39

Ring the midwives and get checked out, especially if baby's movements have slowed.

I had a few false alarms about baby not moving, and all the midwives said that they'd much rather i came in when I was worried and it turned out as a false alarm, than if I didn't get checked because I was worried about wasting their time and it turned out to be something bad.

Also, if your waters have broken, there's a risk of infection to the baby, so again, that needs to be checked out.

Waters breaking does not necessarily mean labour's about to start either. With DS1, my waters broke at 33 weeks, and I didn't go into labour until 34 weeks. The consultant said they wouldn't induce labour until 37 weeks unless I showed signs of infection. (I got put on antibiotics to reduce the chances of that)

UtterlyClueless Thu 10-Dec-15 10:25:20

They'll do an internal to check if your waters have broke you need to contact your hospital/midwife

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