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Spinal fusion and pregnancy

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Debby25 Wed 09-Dec-15 16:55:07

Hey guys,
So I guess I should tell you my story, I had a Spinal Fusion in January 2011 at L5/S1 as I have Spondylolisthesis. It didn't go to plan, I have the screws and rods in place but my surgeon failed to fuse the bone together. Ever since my surgery I have had nerve pain in my right leg that does not go, gets worse the more I walk so have to use a wheelchair as I faint. I have spent the past, almost 5 years, trying to find answers and treatments with no luck as other health complications have made it more difficult. I was then referred to Guys and St Thomas' Hospitial in London to speak to one of the spinal surgeons there (he was unable to operate, so am left with this, this is how it will be) I asked him if I could have children which he looked at my scan and said "there's no reason why I shouldn't, but a c-section under a GA is needed" fine with that too. He also found why I have my pain, my spine was not "decompressed" during the surgery, (not sure if that's the right term lol) so my vertebrate are pressing on nerves and one of my screws is in the facet joint which is why I still have back pain. So my question is, with all that in mind, if anyone with a similar story, mainly with nerve pain in the legs and back and if their hardware in your back, have had more pain because of this during pregnancy. I'm worried that I'll get to the last trimester and have so much pain that I will just have to suffer it. If you have read this whole thread, thank you for your time. 😊

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