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What's the EARLIEST anyone has got a BFP after conception?

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tooneshtopush Wed 13-Dec-06 13:55:12


taylormama Wed 13-Dec-06 14:30:18

i tested 2 days before my period was due and i got a BFP - some tests claim to be able to test up to 5 days early (think it is the clearblue)

tooneshtopush Wed 13-Dec-06 14:53:57

Thanks taylormama . How many days after the - erm - act is that? What is the soonest anyone has experienced pregnancy symptoms?

taylormama Wed 13-Dec-06 14:56:15

i think it was about 3 weeks after but we aren't totally sure as to when DS was conceived ... i was symptom free until 7 weeks pg when i was overwhelmed by tiredness and nausea ... do you think you are PG <<nosy nosy>>

MerryMegandSnowySoph Wed 13-Dec-06 15:02:14

10 dpo with this PG. Got a BFP with clearblue digital & a tescos own, but a BFN with a cheapy one.

tooneshtopush Wed 13-Dec-06 15:06:24

We are ttc, but it's MUCH too early to know anything - only started ttcing about 4 days ago - but I am feeling sort of peculiar, nipples prickling and tired, and a sort of "odd" feeling in lower abdomen. I've had 2 children before and it feels a bit familiar IYKWIM. But I know it's much too early and I am being silly

tooneshtopush Wed 13-Dec-06 15:07:35

AF is due any time around now, in fact is a day late - so I am being even sillier

taylormama Wed 13-Dec-06 15:11:37

don't feel you are being silly - if you are TTC you are obvioulsy waiting for something to happen even if you know logically etc etc that it may not happen this month IYKWIM ...

tooneshtopush Wed 13-Dec-06 15:13:32

I am lurching from feeling wildly excited about having a nother baby to being absolutely terrified because I had a terrible birth before, have had two PPHs and I don't know if I can face it all again... one of my pregnancies was really terrible as well and this time round I will have two other children to take care of . We do really want another though...

taylormama Wed 13-Dec-06 15:17:41

aw - sorry to hear you have had a rough time. Pregnancy is a rollercoaster - one minute excited the next dreading it - think it is pretty natural.

tooneshtopush Thu 14-Dec-06 00:25:41

It is really preying on my mind . I want another baby very much and so does dh, we are ttc - but I have this feeling at the back of my mind all the time that I am biting off more than I can chew, not with another child but with the pregnancy and birth. I wonder if they would let me have an elective caesarean because of my anxiety?

lou33 Thu 14-Dec-06 00:35:27

5 days early

taylormama Thu 14-Dec-06 08:05:17

you should discuss your anxieties as and when you speak to your MW - people can have sections due to anxiety about giving birth but you would have to convince them about it. I am not an expert on these things but hopefully someone else is ....

merrylissiemas Thu 14-Dec-06 08:39:28

i had nausea from 1 week after conception (i threw up in the back yard of the restaurant) did a test and got vv faint BFP

lulumama Thu 14-Dec-06 08:53:23

tooneshtopush--- have to go out now

i would like to post a bit about birth / fear of birth when i get back, ok? esp if you have had a traumatic first birth?

ta !

nappyaddict Tue 19-Aug-08 11:06:47

is days past ovulation the same as days past conception?

nixpix Tue 19-Aug-08 11:48:16

I got a v v feint line on a clearblue at 8DPO. I felt convinced I was pregnant after 22 months of trying as Fertility Friend worked out the EDD if I were to conceive that month to be the same day as my birthday. I thought this was a sign, and sure enough it was. Didn't 'feel' pregnant though.

dan39 Tue 19-Aug-08 19:49:19

I felt odd and was constipated from conception, tested two weeks later on day I was due to bleed and got a bfp. I was a bit scared as had only had one bleed after mmc at 12 week scan (it had died at 8wks) Had no idea that it would happen so quickly as had been ttc for 18 months the frst time!! Now 16 weeks and keeping fingers crossed. But I did feel preg immediately.

FruitynNutty Tue 19-Aug-08 19:55:47

I got a BFP at 3 weeks and 4 days!

inni Wed 20-Aug-08 10:35:26

In my two last pregnancies I felt I was pregg immediately. I know it may sound weird but my belly was bloated and the sickness feeling all day long. We're TTC although is our first month. I'm starting to feel real sick and my belly is showing. I hope this is a sign. Both times before a did test on the due date for my period to come, so I'm doing the same this time, to be completely sure, good luck

tinkisnearlyhalfway Wed 20-Aug-08 13:29:08

with dd got a bfp @ 7 wks pregnant
with this one found out @ 4 wks pregnant - 14dpo
you had on two wks

biglips Wed 20-Aug-08 13:30:23

i tested 4 days before my AF and was positive. (i used CB digital)

lou031205 Wed 20-Aug-08 13:46:55

DD1 - 12dpo - just knew, no symptoms

DD2 - 10dpo - just knew, very emotional

DC3 (Due April '09) - 11dpo - tracking with Fertility Friend, but only got thermometer on day of ovulation!! Got lucky with first egg after finishing breast feeding.

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