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New mum to be!

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Melt90 Fri 04-Dec-15 10:09:34

So scary and yet exciting Iv just found out I'm pregnant a week ago and I haven't a clue how far gone I just wondered how they can tell how far gone you are without a scan?

ChristianGreysAnatomy Fri 04-Dec-15 10:14:48

You date it from the first day of your period, not from the day of conception. Assuming you have missed a period, go back to the start of the previous period and count the weeks from then. is that helpful?

peamad Fri 04-Dec-15 10:14:53

Congratulations Melt! I just got a BFP this morning too! I used a clear blue test that tells you how many weeks pregnant you are. (I think the level of HCG is used to work it out) Alternatively if you know how long your cycles are and when you had your last period you can work it out that way.

BunchOfBobs Fri 04-Dec-15 11:43:40

Congratulations * Melt.* And Pea. I too got my bfp today. I'm a bit shocked you date from your first day of previous period. That makes me 4 weeks today. That seems so much more real than the 3 weeks I thought. Im using the Ovia pregnancy app which does an estimated due date and there are loads online. NHS has one.

Have you called your go yet to get referred to the midwife. I think I'm going to wait until Monday so I have the weekend for it to sink in more.

Melt90 Fri 04-Dec-15 12:16:14

I haven't had a break though and can't remember I used clear blue did 4 I'm 3+ weeks and I think they estimate it to be 6 weeks body feels so strange butterfly feelings and occasionally bit of cramping midwife said it's probably due to body changing so crazy yet exciting. My last period was in September beginning but like i say pill was constant no breaks are you nervous? I'm scared of doing something wrong xx

Melt90 Fri 04-Dec-15 12:17:00

Yeah bunchofbobs congratulations yeah I'm off on Monday! Xx

Melt90 Fri 04-Dec-15 12:18:39

Peamad also I was 3+ week yet went on there website and its says 5+ weeks of it comes up for 3+ weeks of this helps you

BunchOfBobs Fri 04-Dec-15 12:23:58

Im super excited and nervous. Couldn't eat breakfast this morning for nerves and just checked everything I'm eating for lunch is safe to eat. Im hoping this phase passes else eating will become a chore!

peamad Fri 04-Dec-15 12:38:07

Thanks Melt that is very helpful. Now I totally know what you mean Bunchofbobs - 4 weeks seems so much more real than '1-2 weeks'! (My last period started 4 November.)
It is still so early though and I have stupidly been googling about the rates of early miscarriage. I know its not a wise idea, and really don't want to start being neurotic already, but its hard!
PS Im going to GP on Monday as well.

BunchOfBobs Fri 04-Dec-15 13:09:35

Peamad we're almost exactly the same. My last date was the 6th November. I've been worried about the same thing and chemical pregnancies. I'm going away with both sets of parents next week for my birthday and We think we're going to tell them, even know it will only be 5 weeks. Mainly because me not drinking will be a huge clue and it'll be nice to tell them all together

Melt90 Fri 04-Dec-15 13:56:33

The doctors will probably put you on folic acid that's what I'm on I had a little melt down earlier and my midwife told me to just calm down think il be driving everyone up the wall! Lol first one so that's a good excuse lol xx

BunchOfBobs Fri 04-Dec-15 14:19:34

First here too. I've been on folic acid since September as have been TTC.
I saw my gp for preconception advice and they told me once had bfp to phone in to get appointment with midwife. It just feels too real rondo that today.

frillybiscuits Fri 04-Dec-15 14:25:40

Congratulations to those who have got their BFP.cake

I'm exactly 30 weeks today and it's all gone so fast for me. I hope it goes well for you all!

peamad Fri 04-Dec-15 14:32:32

Will be my first too smile (FX) Bunchofbobs - its really hard knowing when to tell isn't it! It will be the first baby in our family for a long time, so know they will all be over the moon, just worried that everyone knowing will make it harder if anything goes wrong confused. Ideally I would just tell our parents (I'm definitely telling my sister and bestfriend) but my mum-in-law is a huge gossip and won't be able to keep quiet! Thinking if all goes well we might tell everyone when we are all together on Christmas Day...

peamad Fri 04-Dec-15 14:33:43

PS - thanks frillybiscuits (sorry I dont know how to make it bold?) have you had an easy pregnancy so far?

frillybiscuits Fri 04-Dec-15 14:37:10

I had really bad hypermesis at the beginning and struggled with my energy levels. I could barely eat anything/do much for the first 3 months. But once I hit around 20 weeks I started to feel 'normal' again. Now at 30 weeks I'm aneamic so get a bit overtired sometimes but other than that I manage pretty well. Everything with baby (it's a girl) has been absolutely fine though, no problems there. So she'll probably make a big fuss when it comes to the birthwink

Melt90 Fri 04-Dec-15 15:08:15

Wow not long I thought it would drag out! It will be worth it in end scares me to death lol i think il be telling family after 10 weeks 12 everybody else I just can't wait to see how far I'm gone keep getting flutters such a strange feeling! Xx

frillybiscuits Fri 04-Dec-15 15:12:27

The first 25 weeks flew for me, apart from being ill. I didn't know until I was 10 weeks anyway. It's the last bit that goes slowly, I just want it to hurry up now so I can meet my little girlsmile

LouLou030783 Fri 04-Dec-15 15:16:49

melt if ur last period was September that would make u about 8-9 weeks if not more depending on when in sept your period was my last period was mid sept and I'm 11 weeks the only way U will get accurate date is via a scan clear blue only goes up to 3+ weeks so that could mean anything from 5 weeks pregnant

Melt90 Fri 04-Dec-15 17:38:47

Thanks Loulou030783 that's further than I thought I didn't know if it was then or me being blonde lol thanks! X

LouLou030783 Fri 04-Dec-15 17:51:42

melt hopefully u find out soon how far along but bonus if u have missed first trimester lol

Melt90 Fri 04-Dec-15 18:35:41

Iv been feeling exhausted and not brilliant but just thought I'd over worked I'm a hairdresser and been having the worse allergic reactions ever so must have been the pregnancy. Loulou have you experienced any cramping? X

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