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Feeling uncomfortable much earlier with second baby

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Reebok Thu 03-Dec-15 19:01:20

I'm 19 weeks with my second...suffering from hyperemesis yet surprisingly my bump has already grown and I'm feeling huge already. By evenings I feel so bloated and uncomfortable like I can't breathe. I dread to think how much bigger I will get as I'm not even half way there yet! Last time with dd I didn't feel like this until much later. On top of it the reflux seems to feel awful by evening too making me feel even more uncomfortable. Just want to feel like me again. Anyone else feeling like this?

Bejeena Thu 03-Dec-15 19:43:19

Yes I am 18 weeks with number 2 and feel same, when I was 18 weeks last time I wasn't even showing :-( I will look full.term by Christmas I swear

LBOCS2 Thu 03-Dec-15 19:50:27

Yep. 22 weeks now and so bloody uncomfortable. Sore, achy pelvis, can barely bend over to do anything as I can't breathe when I do, and my back hurts! I was fine last time, I'm finding this increasingly tedious.

CarrotPuff Thu 03-Dec-15 21:50:40

Yep. Last time had trouble free pregnancy bar a handful of heartburn episodes. Only started to feel heavy at 38 weeks.

This time spd from 16 weeks, have felt like I'm heavily pg from like 22 weeks. Although bump is not that huge yet...

It also feels like time is flying too fast (how come I'm neatly in 3rd tri already??) and dragging at the same time! Weird...

lemonslemonslemons Thu 03-Dec-15 22:42:45

Hi Reebok <waves> Sorry you still have HG sad Mine seems to have lifted a bit but I am still on cyclising. I literally just started a thread with a very similar title to this! I am SO uncomfortable and only 13 weeks (like you with DC2)! Wasn't like this at this stage before, mind you, HG was more severe with DC1. Evenings and night are worse than day - so bloated. Big bump when I stand and feels solid sad I'm with you dude. It's hard work!

immortalwife Thu 03-Dec-15 22:57:44

6wks pg and bloated I look about 4mths pg and I'm pukey as all hell, it's horrific fsad

Reebok Fri 04-Dec-15 07:38:26

Helps to hear I'm not the only one!

Lemon, that's great news! Really pleased for you. I was starting to get better but then the return to work plus a viral infection has made me go backwards slightly. Not as awful though so hoping for a 20 weeks recovery this time!

Runningupthathill82 Fri 04-Dec-15 07:57:53

Yep. This time round I had a visible bump at 8 weeks and was huge by the 20 week scan. Now properly waddling at 33 weeks, not sleeping at night, and feel like I could give birth any day now. Gained far more weight this time too.

Whereas in my first pregnancy I only put on 2st throughout, and only got massively uncomfortable right at the very end.

Definitely harder a second time!

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