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Reusable nappies - birth to potty or sized?

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MrsCrimshaw Wed 18-Nov-15 20:27:17

Is anyone else planning to use these? I haven't met anyone else who is and could do with some pointers before deciding which to buy. They are pricey so I don't want to buy ones that aren't user-friendly. Thanks.

squeezed Wed 18-Nov-15 21:42:07

We used tots bots birth to potty and they were great. We did have to use disposables at the start because DD was too little. They are still in good condition and we're planning on using them for number 2.

wetsnow Wed 18-Nov-15 21:45:49

We have been using reusable nappies full time since dd was 3 months.
We use birth to potty and she still wears the same nappies now at 22 months and we love them.
We used The Nappy lady website. She hasaid a questionnaire to help you out and give you personalised advice.

wetsnow Wed 18-Nov-15 21:47:05

We use bumgenius elementals.
They are fab. smile

Fannyfannakerpants Wed 18-Nov-15 22:12:24

New born are too tiny for birth to potty so if you do want birth to potty you will either need some new born ones or disposables for the first few months. Do you have a nappy library near by where you can go and have a look and see what you like the idea of? Different nappies suit different babies so what I love may not fit your baby.

toriaplum Wed 18-Nov-15 22:16:59

We have been using cloth nappies since Ds was around a month. He's almost one. We use a mixture of Tots Bots all-in-one and Little Lamb pocket nappies. As suggested by wetsnow the Nappy Lady's questionnaire was really useful. I would also check if your local council offer a real nappy scheme.

Junosmum Wed 18-Nov-15 22:22:40

I've bought some little lamb nappies, birth to potty and some bambino mio New born and some Terry cloth squares which will be used with the new born wraps. Some people get on better with some brands more than others so advice is not to buy too many of one. I bought all mine second hand from eBay, and intend to sell on any I don't get on with. I've paid £50 for around 40 complete nappies.

Cuppachaplz Wed 18-Nov-15 22:27:54

TJs (Google TJs nappies) are really cheap and I find as good as the expensive ones.

Is there a nappy library near you to try and see what works before you spend too much-every baby is different

Lots of advice, reviews and support on cloth nappy tree

Good luck

1frenchfoodie Wed 18-Nov-15 23:19:37

Marking as I am keen on cloth nappies too and it is too late to check if my sis and SIL still have theirs.

CalypsoLilt Thu 19-Nov-15 08:43:34

There's about 3 really good facebook groups for buying/selling and advice; search for cloth nappies UK etc.

My baby is due in February and I'm planning to cloth from Day 1. What I've gathered so far is that different nappies fit different babies, so I've gone for half a dozen of the most popular/common brands (little lamb, tiny nippers, gNappies, bambooty, bumgenius) and bought mostly second hand. Then when I work out what works best for us, I'll stock up smile

Also, most birth to potty nappies start at 10lbs ish, so newborns might need something smaller.

MouldyPeach Thu 19-Nov-15 08:50:19

I use terry squares and covers. Used muslins in covers for newborn and terry with boosters for toddler. Some covers have billions of poppers to make them fit all sizes but I prefer sized covers.

ShoeJunkie Thu 19-Nov-15 08:52:57

Not all newborns are too small for birth to potty - ask 10lb ds2!
We are using our tots bots easyfits again for said ds2.
We didn't start using them with ds1 until he was about 3 months - by that time we had just about got to grips with having a small person in the house!
Second filling in the nappy lady questionnaire. It might also be worth seeing if there are any nappy libraries near you who might do hire kits.

lilacclery Thu 19-Nov-15 08:58:44

We used a newborn loan from Cloth Nappy Ireland for first 6 weeks or so and then ds went into btp - Best Bottoms system was my favourite although I had a few aio's too. BTP are usually from 8lbs - they didn't fit my ds though for first 5/6 weeks.

Check out the fb groups though they're great
And definitely don't buy too many of the one type until you know they work for your baby. Second hand is the way to go when you're trying them out.

Tiny Nippers brought out double gusset wraps recently and they're brilliant and so cheap too.

cloudjumper Thu 19-Nov-15 09:32:23

We have used them with DS and will do again when DC2 arrives in December.
It will very much depend on you and your baby which nappy type you get on with best. We started with Motherease and then went on to trying other brands (it can be very addictive grin).

My advise would be to buy second hand (Gumtree, eBay, Fb sites). Check if your area has a nappy library, they lend out nappies to try out. There are lots of people out there who use cloth nappies! A very useful website is The Nappy Lady, she has lots of videos and information.

cth1982 Thu 19-Nov-15 12:21:54

I am planning on using them and bought a great set on sale via Bounty a few months ago (always worth checking out their e-mail deals) I was recommended not to use them until at the very least the cord stump has dropped off (disposables for newborns are a bit lower to help with this) also I think just throwing away those first green poos may be easier than trying to wash any leftovers away vom

MrsCrimshaw Thu 19-Nov-15 12:26:45

Thank you for your replies, I have booked to hire a newborn trial kit from our local nappy library this morning, and will be buying a few preloved newborn ones plus some disposables to get us through the first week. The local nappy lady said to me that poo from breastfeeding can go straight in the washing machine, it's only the poo from solid feeding that needs washing off first. That makes things a bit simpler!

newname12 Thu 19-Nov-15 12:36:58

I used terry squares ("Jo" fold) and sized wraps. Cheap and do the job smile

My tip is to chuck everything in your machine as you go along. At the end of the day put on a rinse cycle, then into your nappy bucket. Wash when you have a full load.

I found this meant no need to soak, no smells, and just an ordinary wash cycle got everything clean.

lilacclery Thu 19-Nov-15 13:51:53

It's important to use much less washing powder than you use for clothes and ones that don't have optical brighteners or fabric conditioner. The fabric conditioner prevents absorbency.

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