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Christmas party dress 8 months pregnant

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Icklepickle101 Sat 07-Nov-15 19:51:41

Can anyone help me with dress shopping?

I'll be huge 8 months pregnant and I'm struggling to find something will fit me in a months time, how much more can I grow in a month?!

Not looking to spend loads as pre eclampsia means I may not make it to the party and I won't have time to return it!!

I'm about 6ft so nothing too short!

ja9r Sat 07-Nov-15 19:57:10

New look was a winner for me - black lace for about £20. Just had a look and there would be a few options for me, but i'm a shortie and fear you may struggle with length there... where have your other mat clothes come from?

CuppaSarah Sat 07-Nov-15 20:28:26

I got a Tiffany rose dress off eBay for £20. Obviously not worn much so in perfect condition, plenty of stretch too. Can't beat eBay grin

AuditAngel Sat 07-Nov-15 20:44:44

I had a Tiffany Rose dress that I bought for a wedding which wasn't too expensive.

Twinwife Sat 07-Nov-15 20:46:29

Have a look at george (asda) online. I found a nice lace stretchy number for a wedding at 8 months £20

MyNameIsSuz Sat 07-Nov-15 20:51:29

I've really struggled to find something, I don't want to spend £150 on something I'm going to wear once! Dorothy Perkins have a nice dark red lace one which I'm going to turn up, as I am not six foot and it's rather long, for £30. There are also a couple of quite nice ones in jojo maman bebe, which I usually avoid as they always come up too long on me.

feeona123 Sat 07-Nov-15 21:17:31

Jojo mamman bebe have some for £40

emmac3616 Sun 08-Nov-15 11:37:01

Also bought two Tiffany Rose lace dresses on ebay - wore one 2 Christmasses ago when I was 4 days overdue and it fitted fine - despite being lace it was very stretchy. Also, Tiffany Rose holds value so you can just re-sell on eBay afterwards!

Evianbaby15 Sun 08-Nov-15 12:12:42

What about a jersey midi dress (the fitted type, looks like pencil type) with a longline blazer and statement jewellery
I have a Xmas party and will be a couple of weeks off due date and this is what I'm planning to do
I have a black dress from River island in a 12 (fitted me before pg) and is only now getting too small on my bump so I guess a size up would still be fine (my bump is quite big)

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