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Being induced tonight at 37 weeks due to low AFI, very worried.

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Mambot Sun 01-Nov-15 13:15:29

Hello everyone, this is my first post although I read a lot relating to induction and low amniotic fluid I couldn't really find anything that eased my worries as posts relating to induced labour always seem to refer to being overdue or being induced for other reasons. I could really do with some reassurance right now as there is so much scaremongering on the internet I am in a terrible state.

I had my 36 week apt last week with the consultant and after an ultrasound he said my amniotic fluid was at 5 and asked if I thought my waters had broken. There was a big gush of water while I was sitting on the sofa at about 31/32 weeks that came out of nowhere and I mentioned this. He asked me why I hadn't mentioned it to anyone but the fact was I thought leaking bladder during pregnancy was normal and every time I cough or sneeze I get a leak (although not as big as that one).

I was admitted to hospital for two days where they found no signs of infection (though I was put on eurythromicin to be safe), no dilation (though head is 2/5 engaged) and no leaking when coughing during a speculum examination. After two days another ultrasound was done and they found the amniotic fluid had risen to 83 mm (8) which another doctor said was still on the low end of normal and that they would carry on with the plan laid down by the consultant initally.

That plan is to have me induced at 37 weeks (I'm going in tonight for it). He said that 37 weeks is full term (as have all the midwives) but I struggle to find any information on the internet amongst mums that say the same, it all says 37 weeks is not term and there is risk to the baby because lungs/brain haven't fully developed.

My other issue is that the level of fluid had risen and there are no signs of infection. Surely the likelihood that my waters broke early is very low, and that I then didnt get an infection or go into labour spontaneously afterwards is even lower!

All I want is for baby to be safe, yet I just don't know whether its safer to let the pregnancy carry on. I guess I have little choice now given that I'm going in in a matter of hours but did anyone have a similar problem and IOL plan that they could tell me about.

Thanks for your patience in reading this very long post, and apologies if I havent posted it right.

BadgerFace Sun 01-Nov-15 15:28:26

My circumstances were different but DD came at 37.5 weeks after a placental abruption. Everything I've read says that 37 weeks is term (and DD was fine if smaller at 6 pounds 9 than the 9lber I'd been forecast up until then!).

Whilst it can seem scary that your baby is coming "early" it's worth remembering that they will only be inducing if they think the baby is safer out than in so I would trust in what they think.

Good luck and enjoy your newborn snuggles!!

WanderingTrolley1 Sun 01-Nov-15 15:33:02

My LO was born at 37+2 - again due to placental abruption.

She was 7lb 5oz and absolutely fine. I was told 37 weeks was term.

TillITookAnArrowToTheKnee Sun 01-Nov-15 15:35:12

Hi, DD1 came at 37 weeks due to low AFI (also slow growth) and she's a happy healthy 7 year old now. She weighed 5lb 2oz at birth.

The AFI had been going down since 28 weeks yet there were no leaks at all (I'd been kept in for 3 weeks after a bleed at 28 weeks) and they swabbed me every couple of days. It was put down to placenta malfunction. I'd been given steroid injections as soon as I got to hospital the first night as the bleeding was quite severe and they initially thought I'd be lucky to keep her in utero for another week. After she was born we were discharged 48 hours later.

The induction itself - pessary at 11am. Nothing much happened. Checked me at 6pm and I was 3/4cm. They decided to break my waters and she was born 94 mins later!

f1ddlesticks Sun 01-Nov-15 18:28:24

I was induced at 37 weeks (T1 diabetic, it's standard) - DD was totally fine, I think anything after 36 weeks is considered pretty safe for baby's arrival. My personal experience if early induction was pretty tough, but it was my first and cervix was very unfavorable - in fact they couldn't even find it when I went for a sweep a few days before! I pre-emptively had an epidural early on, and ended up with EMCS. But dd was back to back and very long!

My friend was also induced at 37 weeks because of OC. Progressed fine, delivered naturally, though she also had an epidural. Everyone's experiwnces differ.

I'm not telling you this to scare you - I don't think early induction is the nicest way to give birth, but both our babies were totally fine!

Good luck flowers

Gizmo2206 Sun 01-Nov-15 19:16:47

I was induced due to low fluid at 35 weeks and DD was 4lb 12oz and amazing! she did have club foot that didn't need treatment (just exercises to stretch them down!) and I was told that was probably due to her feet being stuck with no fluid around them!

Good luck I'm sure your little one will be absolutely fine at 37 weeks! Also my induction took 3+days and was very boring for the first two. Take a laptop and DVDs!

Mambot Mon 02-Nov-15 04:08:59

Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences and the well wishes! EMCS is what I've been warned of as well, we'll see how it goes. When I came in tonight I had a Bishops Score of 2 and then they put the pessary in. That was at 9.30 ish. No big pains yet, just feels like the worst of SPD, but not sleeping because of a snorer on the ward! Having a lovely cup of tea though smile.

I appreciate all the reassurance. I will try to update this when the little one has arrived! x

Dollyemi Mon 02-Nov-15 04:43:40

Good luck Mambot, 37 weeks is definitely term, your baby's coming today, yippee!

f1ddlesticks Mon 02-Nov-15 07:02:25

Good luck, thinking of you!

Floralnomad Mon 02-Nov-15 07:15:58

Good luck ,hope it's going well . In the old days all ELCS were done at 38 weeks so not much difference and nobody batted an eyelid . My dd was born at 37+5 weeks and was 7lb 13oz .

redcaryellowcar Mon 02-Nov-15 14:11:10

My waters broke at 36 weeks, I was induced and ds arrived at 36+2, the induction was 'uncomfortable' (understatement) but I managed with diamorphine. The constant monitoring was a bit of a nuisance as moving about seemed necessary to me to get more comfortable. I think there are now wireless options?
Ds was a bit grunty with his breathing and was admitted to special care because of this, he was tricky to get feeding but with a bit of perseverance (and a few mars bars for me) he was exclusively breast fed until 6 months) he had prolonged jaundice which apparently is common with pre term babies but no long term effects.
He's now four and wonderful, has been since he was born.
Stay positive, smile

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