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I think I might explode!

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CoffeeAndOranges Mon 26-Oct-15 21:16:31

I'm 36 weeks and for about a week and a half now I have felt by the end of the day as if I might actually explode - I try and eat small meals but it's like my belly is going to split open it's so tight and full. I did think it was just water retention due to being in a hot office all day but now I'm on maternity leave it's still as bad. I feel like I can't breathe and it's so uncomfortable. My belly button's popped right out and it feels sore, like it's all stretched too far.

I'm bouncing on my ball like mad trying to get the baby to drop down a bit - last midwife appointment at 34 weeks she said the head was on the brim of the pelvis so not quite starting to engage. I'm hoping when I go again on Thursday she'll say he's dropped a bit more.

Did you find it easier to breathe when the baby dropped (as the MN week by week guide promises!)? I don't feel I can handle getting any bigger but with anything up to 6 weeks left I realise it's probable sad

Katarzyna79 Mon 26-Oct-15 21:27:16

yes but when baby drops you don't have many days till having the baby least I didn't.

my midwife told me walk around house on hands and knees a few times a day, I was doing that from my first appointment lol.

yes easier to breathe when baby drops but then theres more pressure on the bladder.

baby pushing on your ribs and all the water will make you feel like that. I'm only 12-13 weeks and I felt like I was having trouble breathing today, usually trying to get good position in sleep, or when outside.

Might be feeling bloated too, that can make you feel fuller than you are and you cant eat as much or breathe as well.

I envy you girl you are near the finishing line, hang in there!

CoffeeAndOranges Mon 26-Oct-15 22:20:17

Best get my bag packed then eh?grin

Yup, baby, bloat, water, the works. This baby feels huge already and sometimes he does these excruciating wriggles and stretches that I can feel from my pubic bone right up to my ribs. Measured my 'waist' earlier - an impressive 44inches! Am now lying on my left side in bed, listening to some very satisfying gurgles from my digestive system (which is now located somewhere around the side).

Sometimes I do get that 'pressure on the bladder' feeling but it's only fleeting so I'm guessing he's not quite pressing down there yet. Looking forward to that joy. At least it'll mean the end is starting to be in sight!

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