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Help, am I 6 weeks or 9 weeks?

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magnificatAnimaMea Sun 04-Oct-15 10:40:38

Obviously I need a dating scan to sort this out. But has anyone got any way of telling roughly how pregnant I am before a dating scan? What matters is probably "am I 6 weeks or 9 weeks" rather than 6+0 or 6+5 at the moment, because if I'm 9 weeks I need to rearrange screening and ultrasounds.

I've got pregnant very soon after coming off the pill. I don't have any particular pregnancy symptoms, other than now not fitting into my jeans and being a bit headachy and very very slightly nauseous. Not fitting into jeans at 6 weeks seems a bit weird - whereas at 9 it might be plausible.

My cycle was all over the place, and I don't know its length (haven't had a definite period since 1999, have been on the pill since); we've been shagging like rabbits so plenty of opportunity for conception any date since the end of July.

The only "period" I've had since i stopped the pill, could possibly have been a fairly heavy implantation bleed, or a very very light period, lasting 3 days starting 23 August. The only thing I do know is dates of ovulation, based on mittelschmerz (ovary pain) and EWCM, 13 August and 1 September.

Based on a 28-day cycle and a LMP beginning 23 August, I'd be 6+0

Based on ovulation on 1 September, I'd be 6+5

Based on ovulation on 13 August, I'd be 9+3

I've started seeing GP/midwife on the basis of thinking I was 6+0 based on having tested positive on 24 September. Dating scan is set up for 23 October, on the assumption I am 6+0 today - and obviously this wil need rearranging if I'm 9+3 already, because I'll need to sort screening ASAP...

(waiting to hear back from midwife, but might not hear for days...)

crumblybiscuits Mon 05-Oct-15 10:31:50

Bloating enough to struggle to fit into jeans at 6 weeks is actually unbelievably common and I believe implantation bleeds are more like spotting, not three days worth. I would guess you are six weeks but you never know with babies!

Louisee58 Mon 05-Oct-15 11:00:07

6 weeks tomorrow and haven't been able to fasten my jeans for nearly 2 weeks already!

MrsPCR Mon 05-Oct-15 18:44:15

I would think you are probably around 6 weeks. 23/08 sounds like a period to me. How strong was the line on the test when you tested and at how many weeks after 23/08 did you test? If you had a feint line then that tends to mean about 2 weeks post-ov (but is by no means fool proof). I found jeans uncomfortable from about 5 weeks. The bloating is ridiculous in early pregnancy!

CarShare Mon 05-Oct-15 19:05:48

Yep, couldn't fit into my jeans pretty instantaneously. It's likely you would have a withdrawal bleed after stopping the pill before ovulation would kick back in so I think your pregnancy would be around six weeks.

magnificatAnimaMea Mon 05-Oct-15 22:59:29

Thanks everyone.

Tested on 24 September after feeling absolutely nothing for weeks, i.e. not feeling remotely premenstrual at all. The line was very definitely positive. I had tested prior to that but don't know the date, and got what looked like a very faint positive - i.e. inconclusive.

Just OOI i was on Cerazette, not the CoC, so I think I wouldn't have had withdrawal bleeding (no ovulatory cycles, no oestrogen, so no buildup of endometrium); and had also very clearly ovulated prior to the bleeding on 23/08 - highly-localized pain only present for a short time, and truly embarrassing quantities of EWCM produced only for about half a day.

Anyway - thanks all for the advice, I shall assume 6 weeks and get on with clothes shopping for next week's holiday, trying to find jeans that don't invite any comments from my mother!

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