Painful baby movements - 33 weeks

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wilkie50 Fri 01-Dec-06 09:54:13


I'm 33 weeks tomorrow and am so uncomfortable I could cry. The baby is a real wriggler, midwife has told me it is head down but every time it squirms it actually hurts, particularly low down. I am only 5'1" and wondered if anyone else was experiencing this?? The thought of going for another 7 weeks (or longer) is unbearable.

Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled to bits to feel little one moving so much but it feels as though I am out of room already and can't possibly stretch anymore!

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Tommy Fri 01-Dec-06 09:56:16

feel for you wilkie
I am 29 weeks and the movements are really powerful.
I guess it's Mother Nature's way of telling you to take it easy for the next 7 weeks - easier said than done though isn't it?

You can take paracetamol if you think it might help

wilkie50 Fri 01-Dec-06 10:00:05

Thanks Tommy.

It's awful cos I feel as though I sound really ungrateful but I just feel so down. I can hardly sleep at night because of the movements and sometimes my bump just feels so tender. I would imagine it is probably a bit easier if you have got a longer body i.e. taller as there must be more room but when you are only little everything is so squished.

I don't know, maybe I am just on a downer. Have got really bad thrush too so I feel cr*p.

I don't finish work until 29th December and although that is only 3 1/2 working weeks away it feels like forever.

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LadyTophamHatt Fri 01-Dec-06 10:11:40

I'm 34 weeks (or I could be 35...lots count now) and have been awake since 4:30am because the baby was doing acrobatics in there.

As lovely as it is it's also bloody annoying when I'd only had 4 hours sleep!!

shhhh Fri 01-Dec-06 14:54:03

I have sympathy..I am just over 31 weeks and sometimes with movements ds2b makes are painfil. I get a tickeling/sharp sensation down below now and then which is not nice and at times it feels as though he is turning himself over while holding onto my rib cage...

Im 4ft 11 so like you maybe height is our "issue" . Like you I also look at my ever expanding tummy and think " OMG how on earth can I go another 9 weks..surely I will expolde". Does actually scare me how big I look... I'm also suffering from sciatica and spd so moving at night is a huge effort and must be such a sight for dh to watch. Not very attractive I am sure..!!! I keep waiting for greenpeace to put me out of my misery and release me back into the sea..

BUT I wouldn't change it for the world I suppose..the movements are so reasurring and such a nice feeling when they don't hurt!!!

Remember we are pregnant and we are perfectly entitled to have shit days..!

Good luck btw. x

MereNoel Fri 01-Dec-06 16:10:06

I sympathise with you, dd was a real wriggler, I was in tears most evenings from about 36 weeks it was bad before then but it became unbeareale by the end. It didn't seem to matter what position I put my self in either. All I can say is ride it out, try to think that it will all be worth it in the end. I am now 16 weeks pg and beggining to already worry about this one being the same. As tough and painful as it is, I just kept re-assuruing my self with an active baby is a health baby.

chelle479 Fri 01-Dec-06 16:10:21

I also sympathise wilkie...I am now 5 days from my due date, but have been suffering from painful movements since about 30 weeks
At the moment they are very painful, but hopefully not long to go now lol. At times it feels like someone is sticking a knitting needle in my fanjo

I'm 4"11 so I spose there isnt much room in there for baby lol midwife has told me she is a 'good size'


SHHHHsantaiscoming Fri 01-Dec-06 16:16:20

Oh nice helpful advice from your mw as well..! Love the comments they make..!
With dd they kept saying "Oh an average size"..well yeah maybe if average is 9lb 4oz's. With this one they are saying " Oh good size" right this time then I'm due to birth an elephant.??!

Oh I love their "reasurring" commments. NOT.!

Tommy Fri 01-Dec-06 20:16:47

I guess they only say them because they want to say something but there's not really anything else they can say because they don't know!

Very inexact science IMO

wilkie50 Sat 02-Dec-06 09:06:40

How strange, I left a message last night and it's not showing up this morning!

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your postings. Felt I was on my own a bit as none of my friends seem to have experienced the same although they are all a lot taller than me! LOL!

I had to laugh about your 'Greenpeace' comment Shhhh - my dh says it's like raising the Titanic everytime I try and get out of bed

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LadyAnne1stTimeMum Sun 03-Dec-06 11:49:25

Hi just found you - I'm overdue and have felt painful baby movements throughout - baby is so active - even being a week overdue baby still likes to stretch and wriggle which can bring tears to my eyes. Throughout, Baby had a habit of sitting in one position - just to the side under my ribs which made bump very sore. I'd like to say it's getting better - but now it has less room it makes up for it with some really quite violent thumps against my pelvis. Take comfort in the fact you can feel baby move and it won't be long before you get your body back. (I've also been told by someone that her baby was quite an acrobat - and is now a athlete preparing for the Olympics!)

Good luck LA

Bex1987 Tue 03-Jul-12 19:12:27

I doubt hieght has much to do with it, i am 5ft 8 so very tall but i am slim, and my bump basicaly looks like i have a football stuck up my top (very neat and round) this is my 2nd baby, i have a son who is 5yrs old almost and was very neat with him too BUT at 32 weeks my baby is constantly transverse! she doesnt seem to want to be in any other position other than widthways and her movements are very very strong and i feel every fott/leg/elbow and hand movement in my sides and it does really hurt and cause me to get cramp like aches!! i cant get comfortable at night because she is very active, sleeping on my side is even worse. braxton hicks have started hurting also due to how she is presenting. after a routine appointment with the midwife today even she said she could feel all of her limbs right at the front and how strong her moves are so in her words'god knows how strong im able to feel everything' i feel very selfish for wanting her to just turn around or sleep or something because it is getting me down and tires me out and on top it hurts! i am hopefully being induced at 37 weeks due to having a few issues at 25 weeks but another 5 weeks of her acrobatics actually fills me with dread especially since she has limited time to actually turn around. she has 4 weeks left to turn. she has never been head down all 21 of my appoinments she has been transverse so i can really sympathise with you all, i think it is just one of those things for carrying a healthy baby. xxxx

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