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EmmaJane2105 Sat 12-Sep-15 13:03:30


I'm a FTM. First pregnancy has gone swimmingly! I've been very lucky. However the past 3 weeks I've been so uncomfortable, I'm now 40+3 weeks. I'm so fed up. I've tried everything. Ball bouncing, pineapple, curry, sex. Nothing has worked.
The midwife won't give me a sweep until I'm 8 days over, which is frustrating because so many other FTMs I know got a sweep either on their due date or a couple of days after. I also worry as my aunt had a stillbirth due to being left 2 weeks overdue sad

Anyone else in this predicament? Not really asking for anymore advice on how to bring on labour, just some support and be nice to know people in the same position as me. However if there is anything I haven't tried, I'd be happy to hear smile

Emma xx

Every1KnowsJeffHesUsuallyACunt Sat 12-Sep-15 13:14:32

I've had 4 babies and am pregnant with my 5th. Every one has been overdue. There are no guaranteed ways to get it going unfortunately, like you I tried everything and was so fed up when nothing worked. My best advice is don't worry. Difficult, I know but really try to be blas?? (bet the accent doesn't work!) about it. Baby will come when it comes.

Alert your midwife to your fears regarding the stillbirth. Where I live, women are induced at 11 days over usually. You could ask your midwife about the induction process just to prepare yourself.

In the meantime, bouncing will get baby into a nice position and sleeping will make sure you are rested and ready. Use this time to pamper yourself a bit, a nice manicure and pedicure for your tired feet or a facial to soothe you. You probably won't have time when your little one is here flowers

fixuplooksharp Sat 12-Sep-15 17:20:15

Hey smile I'm overdue too. I am 41 weeks today and have also tried everything! This is our 3rd and my 2nd was 11 days over so I sort of expected it but totally forgot how frustrating it is!! My mother in law texting me earlier asking if there are any signs of baby, didn't help either!! I almost replied with one either saying 'yes I had the baby last week' or the not so subtle 'no, Bugga off'

beeecaaa Sat 12-Sep-15 20:33:12

I was sooo fed up and frustrated and tried everything to get baby moving. I had a sweep done at 40+4 then gave birth at 40+5.

My baby is now 14 weeks old and I miss feeling her kick and move around inside me. I'm also upset that now I have to share her with the world, whereas when I was pregnant, she was all mine!

I know it's easier said than done but please try to relax and enjoy your last few days of pregnancy. I miss being pregnant terribly and trust me, you'll miss that bump when it's gone. Right now, your baba belongs to you and you are keeping her / him safe. Enjoy it whilst you can hug. And good luck for delivery :-) xx

beeecaaa Sat 12-Sep-15 20:34:09


mummybean21 Sat 12-Sep-15 20:42:34

No idea if this is coincidence but I was 40+4 when I went into labour. The day before I'd had one of them fish pedicures. My sister said it would bring labour on and I just laughed!

Yarpyarp Sat 12-Sep-15 22:21:00

Not sure if this link works as not done it before, but I posted this the other day about a recipe that claims to get you in labour within 48 hours. Could be a load of nonsense but it worked for me!

I went over with both mine (I didn't have any sweeps or anything) and I know it's an anxious and uncomfortable wait. Good luck, wishing you all the best.

Focusfocus Sun 13-Sep-15 05:25:07

You are not overdue. A full term pregnancy ranges between 37-42 weeks. The "due date" is simplythe rather wrongly named midpoint of that range, arbitrarily calculated as 280 days after the first date of last period.

Babies haven't read that. Babies that come at full term come at any point in that 37-42 week range. Just as a baby that comes at 38 weeks isn't "early" or "preterm" a baby that comes at 41 weeks isn't "late" or "overdue". They are both very much "at term babies".

BathshebaDarkstone Sun 13-Sep-15 05:40:36

My last baby was 41+6. I always say he was too comfy in there! I suggest long walks, curries, espressos, sex, raspberry leaf tea.

EmmaJane2105 Sun 13-Sep-15 15:32:09

Ahh thank you for all your replies smile I've tried to change my attitude and relax a bit. Stop trying so hard. And I know I'll definitely miss feeling her move around when she's out so I've been playing with her lots in there to make the most of it x

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