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Everything is making me cry

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ARV1981 Wed 02-Sep-15 08:46:56

I just cried at a bathroom advert because it had a rubber duck in it and I haven't got one yet for the baby...

What's making you cry today?

5hell Wed 02-Sep-15 09:13:31

yesterday i cried at a clip from big blue live where they unexpectedly spot a blue whale...i think it was because the presenter was just SO excited and emotional himself

sizethree Wed 02-Sep-15 11:51:51

I cried in Homebase as i couldn't decide if I needed matt or soft sheen paint.

GoooRooo Wed 02-Sep-15 11:53:23

I watched the new Cinderella film and sobbed my way through it. I know the story of Cinderella so I knew what was coming ffs.

Don't watch it while pregnant is my advice.

rubybloom2 Wed 02-Sep-15 11:57:48

I cried last night because my husband wanted to talk about our renovation work and I couldn't be bothered... I'm so disinterested in everything at the moment and it's really upsetting me and annoying him!

northdownmummy Wed 02-Sep-15 12:09:31

My weepy highlights include

The nationwide ad about the dad losing his scarf on a bus

It being Tuesday not Wednesday and so no bake off to watch

Not being able to put on my socks

shoopshoopsong Wed 02-Sep-15 12:12:43

because I've been sick so much I thought I might puke up the baby

happymummyone Wed 02-Sep-15 12:20:10

I broke down in the middle of reading tabby mctat to my DD. had to let DP finish it because I was bawling. I also cried because I got stuck on the floor after organising some books.

Skiptonlass Wed 02-Sep-15 12:33:06

I cried after vomiting up bile for twenty minutes this morning. After 34 weeks of this I should be used to it.

Then I cried because the bloody antenatal classes were shit, full of earth mother crap and I have to have a c section.

Then I cried because my husband gave me a huge hug and made me lunch and a cup of tea and he's so lovely.

I think my tear ducts are the only functioning part of my body at this point.

RockerMummy184 Wed 02-Sep-15 12:47:16

Coz the yolk on my egg popped in the pan.

And whilst reading Guess How Much I Love You to my DS (that's not strictly pregnancy related though! I cry at that all the time!)

sizethree Wed 02-Sep-15 13:39:40

Just got a bit teary eyed to S Club 7 - Bring It On Back To You. Somehow emotionally linked that up to struggling with recurrent miscarriage and now being 31 weeks pregnant. Hormones are all out the place!

ARV1981 Wed 02-Sep-15 17:23:00

I cried at a sloppy film on Netflix, young pregnant woman showing her little brothers her baby bump and it moving, just like mine does!

I then cried because in the same stupid film, the woman's dad dies, but he posted her a letter just before he died, which was full of life advice (as if??)

Then I cried again when her long lost love came back and awww....

KatyN Wed 02-Sep-15 21:36:35

Lots of children in nursery were crying this morning as it was their first day. My son was fine and skipped off as normal. I blubbed all the way home.
Later I was having a 'making dinner cry' and my son (3) told our friends (adults) it was alright I was just crying because of the baby in my tummy. That brought on a fresh set of tears!

Brummiegirl15 Wed 02-Sep-15 21:50:47

Size three I've sobbed my heart out tonight as frightened of being pregnant after recurrent miscarriage. I'm 18 weeks and can't believe I'm here and so scared it's going to go wrong

Absolutely sobbed my heart out

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