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BH... when would you go to Maternity Assessment?

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LilacRain Thu 20-Aug-15 16:44:33

Since 34weeks I've been having lots of strong braxton-hicks contractions (now 35weeks). I had a couple of nights when they were very painful and coming every 10mins, one night in particular I thought I was going into preterm labour as had excruciating low-back pain too! Doctor at Maternity Assessment reassured me cervix was still closed, and a scan yesterday showed everything ok with placenta and fluid levels, though baby hasn't grown as much as they expected since last scan, so might need to be induced a couple of weeks before term. Next scan in 2 weeks.

I asked doctor when to worry about BH, she said if they get regular and painful again, come back to be checked. She didn't say how painful or how regular.

There doesn't seem much pattern to the BH but I'm still worried. Had a few hours of really painful ones this morning but irregular, approx every 20mins but sometimes with a gap as long as 1hour or as short as 5mins.

Really worried labour might start early, I need baby to hang on at least 2 more weeks, he's only 5lb7oz according to yesterday's scan!

justabigdisco Thu 20-Aug-15 16:46:04

If you're worried, then call them. Simples!

Skiptonlass Thu 20-Aug-15 21:42:51

^ yup.

If you're at all worried, call. It's much, much better to call, everything be ok and be reassured than to worry at home.

debbiewells21 Thu 20-Aug-15 23:43:04

I'm suffering badly with BH too. Little beggers don't feel like contractions becuase they are constantlyconstant . My midwife advised me today that if I'm in that much pain I should call MAU for advice.

a phone call won't hurt anyone and it's vest to be safe about you and baby. x

CakeInMyFace Fri 21-Aug-15 09:45:55

I have braxton hicks on and off all day! Sometimes they come very regularly and other times are random. I've had them since 27-28 weeks (second pregnancy). Am 36+1 now. Is this your first OP? I remember being very worried about them the first time, but if you are going into labour, the contractions will feel very different.

If it helps, I had awful ones first time around and my DD was overdue and I was induced!

Of course if you are worried go to the assessment unit and get checked, or give them a call. They are always happy to check you over and provide some reassurance.

LilacRain Fri 21-Aug-15 10:31:29

Thanks ladies...

I contacted MAU again, they weren't concerned as BH still erratic. They asked lots of questions but I don't have any other signs of preterm labour so they said to keep taking paracetamol and call back if any changes. Longest BH attack lasted 9hours coming every 10mins (accompanied by period-like pains) but I got checked out after that and cervix was still closed, scan was normal, so they think uterus is just 'irritable'. Since then I've had a few attacks but they ease after 3-4hours.

I've also been getting sharp stabbing pain to lower-right of abdomen, every time I move or lift right leg it sets off a sharp pain which then triggers BH which results in more pain sad I thought it was connected to SPD at first then started worrying about appendicitis, but MAU said it sounds like round-ligament-pain. Anyone else get this? Can't lie on right side and turning over in bed is agony!

Cake yes its my first baby. I'm probably a bit over-anxious! What do real contractions feel like compared to BH?

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