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Baby changing bag

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mummylookingforstuff Thu 13-Aug-15 16:32:50

A bit confused here ... What are the things to look for in a diaper or changing bag? They all look same to me so apart from brand what should I be looking for in a good changing bag?

Do you guys like the bright colourful ones or the full grey brown one?

Queazy Thu 13-Aug-15 22:02:50

One that is wipe clean, has zipped areas/compartments for smaller items. I wanted one with a separate pod for food and one for changing, which has been really useful. I ended up buying a pacapod changing bag, as I liked theirs x

Artistic Thu 13-Aug-15 22:47:11

See how wide the main compartment opens. If it open narrow its a real pain to get stuff out quickly. See how you'd like to carry it - handles or strap. How would it work with your buggy - will the strap go over the handles well? Will it wash/ clean easily? A few quick access areas for mobile/ keys/ wet wipes is very handy. Tbh I wasn't too bothered with how many internal compartments it has - as all my stuff moved & got mixed up anyways! smile

You may want to consider a neutral colour if you & DH want to share it.

Doublebubblebubble Fri 14-Aug-15 10:28:51

I'll start this with i am a huge cheap skate but a proud one and money is money...

Save your money and get the boots "free" one... Its practical, large, isnt garish, has separate compartments, an insulated pocket (which I can only assume is for a bottle -not sure) and comes with a changing mat.
you get the voucher for it in your bounty pack.. well you have to buy a pack of nappies

. Failing that (and I did this with my DD) you can use a kiddy character school bag or even your handbag (depending on how large it is and how long you'll be out). Xx

Artandco Fri 14-Aug-15 11:09:26

For me I say get ' wet bags' instead. They are lined waterproof zipped bags in various sizes. Then you can just fill one with bits you need (nappies/ wipes/ change of clothes), and put inside normal handbag. Get a few different sizes then you can use larger for day out, smaller if you just want a few things for few hours out, or can use two at once once older if you want for different things or one small one for dirty things.

That way you can carry on using favourite handbags, use rucksacks when needed, and everything in between

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