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sjd114 Sun 02-Aug-15 12:53:51

Hi, just after a bit of reassurance/advice really.

I've suffered with depression for around 6 years (on and off) I recently left my very stressful job because of it.. and just wondering if it's something the midwife will be interested in knowing? As I don't really want to be treated any differently, and I'm just worried ill be thought of as an unfit mother etc.

Feeling really down today, as you can probably tell!! X

RooibosTeaAgain Sun 02-Aug-15 13:20:17

You should not be treated any differently. In my hand held notes they twice ask questions about past or present mental health issues and it is a chance for them to offer support or refer for more support etc. think do it at booking in apt and one more time - not sure when though from memory.

Butterchunks Sun 02-Aug-15 15:56:58

Hi op,

I have suffered from depression my entire adult life, I am currently 16weeks pregnant and taking antidepressants (amitriptyline). You should definitely tell your midwife/ healthcare team as they will be wanting to provide you with extra support if you feel you need it. I've read lots of people on here worried about being flagged up to social service as being unfit for motherhood, or feeling judged for having a baby with past/current mh issues but in my experience midwives and consultants have only wanted to make sure I'm well and looked after.

I was asked questions at my booking in appointment about how my mental health was, these seem to be standard questions in the pregnancy notes. I had my 16 week consultant appointment this week and the depression and medication were discussed but nothing other than checking how I was and asking if I needed any support.

As someone who has experience depression before there is an increased risk for pnd (and antenatal depression and anxiety) so it is good to get support in place before any potential issues arise. Don't be afraid to discuss your emotional well-being, it is hugely important during pregnancy and beyond.

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