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Weirdest pregnancy moans!

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HedgehogAtHome Mon 27-Jul-15 13:49:40

It took us over 3 years to conceive DC2, so I am extremely happy and know how lucky I am to be pregnant. Trying to cherish it all.

But I can't get comfortable on the toilet! I have IBS so do spend a fair amount of time 'releasing the hostages' as it were. But my bump gets in the way and I'm sat there back like a rod while baby protests at being squashed (bump is huge and I am fairly small in the torso).

No one puts this in the books.

ImpatiencePersonified Mon 27-Jul-15 13:54:08

My labia have dropped about 3 inches and now look like droopy dawgs jowls.


Augustwedding Mon 27-Jul-15 14:03:01

My feet look like princess Fiona's! ( just edema but painful!)

RockerMummy184 Mon 27-Jul-15 14:03:51

I have the most extreme swelling down-stairs that I am constantly in agony while I'm sat down. Wiping when I have been to the toilet makes me cry. I'm getting teary just thinking about it!

HedgehogAtHome Mon 27-Jul-15 16:17:48

Could it be varicose veins Rocker? My midwife asked if I had swelling anywhere and I told her my undercarriage feels like it's been kicked. She didn't have a box to tick for that so she left it. hmm Maybe see if yours is more sympathetic.

loolah83 Tue 28-Jul-15 05:55:49

Weird a variety of luminous and alarming infection present and all perfectly normal, apparently.

RockerMummy184 Tue 28-Jul-15 07:39:44

I will mention it at my next appointment Hedgehog, thank you.
And sorry loolah but that really made me grin

MoreCakePlz Tue 28-Jul-15 08:56:15

Being head to toe with papullar rash which I've never heard of before last week, but seems to be an allergy to pregnancy!?! Oh the itching...

Doublebubblebubble Tue 28-Jul-15 10:11:14

Getting stuck in the bath everyday! Not being able to do the washing up I like doing it properly, dh just doesn't do it right....shut up lol all this bloody waiting! X

loolah83 Tue 28-Jul-15 10:58:07

Rockermummy184 there's mornings where I think "I wonder what colour we'll have today!" before I pull down my gonks for that first pee o' th' day

HedgehogAtHome Tue 28-Jul-15 12:26:59

Feel like I'm not alone grin

MoreCakePlz Tue 28-Jul-15 12:36:41

Also nosebleeds on hot days - I've forgotten what normal snot looks like!

Brummiegirl15 Tue 28-Jul-15 12:49:11

Bright radioactive green wee

The farting that could power a wind farm off the Welsh coast. It's prolonged and loud.

DP just looks at me as if to say "how did we actually make a baby?"

fanofthevoid Tue 28-Jul-15 13:57:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

loolah83 Tue 28-Jul-15 14:02:08 baby is fond of doing the occasional merry jig on my bladder too.

FernGullysWoollyPully Tue 28-Jul-15 14:04:50

The rapid rate with which my hair is growing and I'm not referring to the hair on my head! Ffs body I wish you'd stop! I'm practically a wolf woman now! I can no longer reach my legs and haven't seen my fanny in weeks, how am I supposed to sort that mess out?!

loolah83 Tue 28-Jul-15 15:10:13

FernGullysWoollyPully I've had to resort to positioning a large mirror on the side of the bath and using it to guide my topiary endeavours.

Dunkyourcustardcream Tue 28-Jul-15 15:16:20

I'm getting loads of bogeys.

chelle792 Tue 28-Jul-15 17:12:54

My random one is dry skin on my ears. Never before in my life.... I'm six weeks pg and this is my current weird one. The rest is just annoying but textbook

Fluffy24 Tue 28-Jul-15 17:18:42

Random bouts of very extreme slobbering which would make me dribble when I ate. 'ffs don't give me a biscuit or we'll all down'

madsaz76 Tue 28-Jul-15 18:46:23

ok - clearly TMI but my arse itches. Not all the time but can get horrible urges to scratch myself. Mainly associated with when I feel hot (and I get waves of sweating with my nausea)

Worried I will forget myself and start furtling in my pants in front of my boss. Not to mention the hygeine.... blush

misssmilla1 Tue 28-Jul-15 19:23:41

My wee smells weird all the time
I am sweating buckets overnight in my nether regions (either that or it's small continuous incontinence...)
Leg hair isn't growing, but armpit and pubic hair is going mental
Being too big at 32 weeks to be able to complete a proper front to back wipe after going to the loo
having to bend down like a stork with 1 leg in the air as I can't bend down any other way

Oh the glamour!

Junosmum Tue 28-Jul-15 20:33:34

OMG I thought I was the only one with the mega boogies and itchy arse! I honestly thought I had worms (I don't).

Junosmum Tue 28-Jul-15 20:34:39

OMG I thought I was the only one with the mega boogies and itchy arse! I honestly thought I had worms (I don't).

Junosmum Tue 28-Jul-15 20:38:42

OMG I thought I was the only one with the mega boogies and itchy arse! I honestly thought I had worms (I don't).

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