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sense of urgency, impending baby?

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Rosenwyn1985 Sat 25-Jul-15 16:53:36


I'm 37 weeks on Thursday this week and it happens to coincide with my final assignment due in for university (well, final small piece until my big piece is due at the end of September). I have been having increasing Braxton hicks and some lower back pain. This is my second pregnancy but with my first baby came at 39+4 with a sudden breaking of waters and not another sign of labour. The last few days I've been feeling desperate to get things done, particularly the assignment but everything. I'm tearful and grumpy by turns, Braxton hicks are getting worse. The question then, is this a sign baby might be coming in the next week or so, or is it just the Braxton hicks scaring my brain into rushing stuff just in case? I didn't have them really first time so this is all new!

Been doing some serious self reflection and psycho analysis to try to work it out. Kind of chicken and egg I guess!

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