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34 weeks, breast pain and being sent for a scan :-(

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Sophia88 Fri 17-Jul-15 23:22:52

Hi, just thought I would see if anyone has any advice or has been in a similar situation?

I'm 34 weeks pregnant with second baby. I've been suffering on and off with pain in my left breast for about a year. Been doctors a few times and was given anti-inflammatory cream and a high dose of starflower capsules. Did seem to do the trick but then got pregnant so had to stop. Had the pain on and off through pregnancy but for the past week or so my breast is so painful and is a lot bigger than the right one. When back to the doctors today, she examined me and said that the breast tissue felt "grisly" where it hurts and is sending me for a scan as she doesn't know how to treat me.

I am now in a complete panic thinking the worst. Can't stop crying, can't eat and feel awful. I'm so scared. Doctor said not to worry but how can I not. Anyone had anything similar?

Ummusomebody Sat 18-Jul-15 05:25:11

Hi OP, not had anything similar but I'd just like to offer some reassurance (if it helps). I know (from work) that in most cases, breast pain is usually not something Drs will worry much about and at 34 weeks , your body + breast is undergoing a lot of changes that may be similar to when breastfeeding. It is highly likely that she's doing it to reassure herself and erring on the side of caution. I'd say likely nothing and the very little chance it is something, your pregnancy may have allowed them pick up something that they may have fobbed off for longer. In the meantime, holding your hands and do let us know how it goesflowers

Sophia88 Sat 18-Jul-15 05:46:18

Thank you, really appreciate your post. Just praying it's nothing and keeping my fingers crossed x

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