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Can I share my story? Still in shock.

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nutty123 Fri 17-Jul-15 01:02:28

Need to share as still in shock.
Today I had my 38 week midwife check up. Told her I had been leaking fluid since Sunday. Turns out it was my waters leaking. Told to go to hospital straight after so arrived about half 3ish.
Was checked out and already 3cm dilated and I didn't even know!
Drip was put in to induce me and then started the long wait for proper contractions.
These started at 8.30, but still only 4cm dilated.
Next thing I know, I have four midwives round me saying I might have to have emergency c section as baby's heartbeat went low, then contractions kicked in, 4 pushes and 21 minutes later, my baby girl was here!
I still can't believe it!
Thank you for reading, sorry it's all a bit of a ramble. I'm off to try and get my head around breast feeding!!

Lweji Fri 17-Jul-15 01:05:05

Congratulations! ☺

minmooch Fri 17-Jul-15 01:05:12

Congratulations! smile

BumpAndGrind Fri 17-Jul-15 01:05:31

Congratulations flowers

hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman Fri 17-Jul-15 01:05:36

Congratulations and a big welcome to your new baby girl!

meerschweinchen Fri 17-Jul-15 01:06:29

Wow! Congratulations. Lovely news that your little girl arrived safely. Must have been such a shock.

Enjoy those lovely newborn snuggles smile

SilverShins Fri 17-Jul-15 01:08:00

Fabulous, congratulations! flowers

FortyCoats Fri 17-Jul-15 01:08:52

Aw, congratulations flowers

It's been 15 years since my only dc was born but I remember it like it was an hour ago. I love reading birth stories. Enjoy your little girl and good luck with the bf smile

DPotter Fri 17-Jul-15 02:10:35

Congratulations !

DPotter Fri 17-Jul-15 02:11:24

Congratulations !

nutty123 Fri 17-Jul-15 02:13:06

Thank you all. She is so tiny!!

Bellabutterfly2014 Fri 17-Jul-15 06:14:10

Hi nutty - that's lovely news congratulations!!!
I'm 21 weeks and longing to hold my baby I'm so excited and love reading about people's experiences.
How much does she weigh? Xx

YouBastardSockBalls Fri 17-Jul-15 06:32:37


Remember - you can't overfeed a bf baby. Any time she cries, it's probably hunger.
If she's feeding loads and won't settle, it's probably just cluster feeding. Just settle in and feed for hours.
If it's sore, Lansinoh is the best stuff to put on.
If you need help, ask for it! If there's no one to help, Kellymom, La Leche League, and mumsnet advice got me through.

^^^all things I wish people had told me at the beginning!

Congrats again!! flowers

Ilovenannyplum Fri 17-Jul-15 06:35:46

Aaahhhhh congratulations! thanksthanks

NoMontagues Fri 17-Jul-15 08:55:40

Congratulations! flowers

clarabellski Fri 17-Jul-15 09:45:08

Oh my word, apart from the scary bit about the heartbeat slowing, I think I'd love a birth experience like that. Over before you know what's happening!

Congratulations OP flowers

tootsroots Fri 17-Jul-15 10:07:26

CONGRRATS!!!!! DO you have name yet? What a whirlwind !

bunny85 Fri 17-Jul-15 11:38:02

Oh how wonderful, amazing birth story!! Massive congratulations! thanks Is it your first one?

MissMartin10 Fri 17-Jul-15 12:12:06

wow! very fast grin Congratulationsthanks thanks xx

Hooleywhipper Fri 17-Jul-15 12:14:16

Big congratulations OP xxxxx

nutty123 Fri 17-Jul-15 16:15:31

Thank you again everyone.
Her name is Imogen Olivia and she weighed 5lbs 3oz. My first baby which was a successful first round of ivf.
Thank you for the breastfeeding tips. She has been feeding but mainly sleeping.
I still can't get over how quick it was!

DextersMistress Fri 17-Jul-15 16:30:08

It's weird, my first labour was incredibly similar. Leaking waters, getting to hospital and being 3 cm, being induced, very fast labour.

Only I was 35 weeks and had a boy! Enjoy every second with your lovely newborn smile

DextersMistress Fri 17-Jul-15 16:32:10

Um sure I started that message with congratulations confused

Congratulations op thanks thanks

BrienneofQarth Fri 17-Jul-15 19:36:50

Congratulations! Lovely namr, and I bet she's beautiful. Wishing you lots of happy years with her flowers

Ilovenannyplum Fri 17-Jul-15 19:47:00

Lovely name smile
My DS was 6lbs 4 and to me that was tiny, she must look like a gorgeous little dolly. Enjoy the snuffly newborn bit, it really does go quick thanks

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