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Advice please!

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Melinda8983 Wed 15-Jul-15 18:48:04

I took a clear blue non digital pregnancy test, well they both said positive! This was Sunday 07/12/15, then Monday I took a dollar store test which was negative. I also took two first response test, on digital one not. All of them were negative! So I want to ask is it possible I got two false positive, or am I testing to soon? I usually don't start a period until the 24-25!

Melinda8983 Wed 15-Jul-15 19:04:27

Just really need advice kind of confused.

Treesandbees Wed 15-Jul-15 19:42:57

Each brand has a different sensitivity so results can vary. First Response Early Result are normally one of the first tests to show. Are you using first morning urine? That's the most concentrated. I would wait a couple of days then try again in the morning and with a first response. Either it's too early to show or it could be a chemical pregnancy where the egg fails to implant for long enough to sustain the pregnancy. Sometimes you get a positive result followed by a negative and then your period. Hopefully it's not that and just too early! Good luck.

Melinda8983 Wed 15-Jul-15 20:01:35

Thank you

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