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Oh the hormones...a rant.

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jurisane Mon 13-Jul-15 00:12:31

Overslept this morning and spent all afternoon shopping with my mother which led to a much needed nap when I got home. But I wake up to find the dryer has been going for three hours and none of the clothes inside are even close to dry. I've got another two loads of wet clothes and I don't know what I'm going to do since I have no where to hang them. Husband just ran his load of work clothes to a laundry mat to dry them and left his phone behind so I can't even call him. A secret ploy to avoid me because he didn't wash any of the dishes like I asked him? Uh...I HATE dishes even when I'm not pregnant. How do I make dinner when I have no clean pans and I don't know when he will be home from the laundry mat! >_<

And how do I make myself stop crying before he gets home and decides I've become a lunatic?

plonkie Mon 13-Jul-15 17:56:45

Oh dear. Is the washing sorted now? Did you manage to restrain yourself with hubby?

jurisane Mon 13-Jul-15 18:25:47

He got a peanut butter sandwich for dinner. Tonight is HIS night to cook. wink

He made an appointment with the landlord to get a new dryer in today. Thankfully my lovely next door neighbor let me use her dryer so I would have dry clothes to wear to work today.

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