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If you've had a vaginal birth + a section which would you choose again?

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TravellingToad Thu 09-Jul-15 20:22:46

First DC was normal vaginal birth
Second DC was elective c-sec for medical reasons

With 3rd DC I get to choose a VBAC or another section. No reason why the medical problem of DC2 would be repeated so expecting it to be my choice.

I'm torn. It's bloody sore squeezing a baby out of your vagina. I needed stitches, i had to pore water on my bits to pee for ages as it stung like hell. I was constipated and had painful piles after the birth. But i wasn't recovering from major surgery, i could drive and walk up stairs and lift things...

An ELCS was so peaceful, a wonderful birth experience. I loved lying there and then wow they just produced this baby with no pain!! I had the recovery obviously and this time will have a 2yr and a 4yr old at home. HOWEVER we have a nanny 7am-1pm so she would have the older 2 for those hours. My mum is 1 mile away. My DH can take loads of paternity leave.

I think i'm talking myself into another section just by writing this out to be honest...but i'm interested to hear if you've had both which would you choose again?

gingerchick Thu 09-Jul-15 20:28:32

I had a horrendous first birth, ended up with 3rd degree tear and pph, with my second they advised a csection it was bliss, so much easier and less pain. I would choose a csection again although I get a little pang of disappointment that I'm not good at pushing my babies out the 'proper' way

captainproton Thu 09-Jul-15 20:29:21

You may not tear second time around. Second time around after delivering my placenta I immediately felt like I did pre-pregnancy. Didn't have a sore fanjo and felt amazing. I did however hire a doula who I believe helped me avoid a tear by gently telling me not to push as the head was coming out. Something nobody bothered to tell me the first time around. I would totally recommend a doula, they will support you through a CS as well, change nappies, dress baby, carry your bags etc.

TravellingToad Fri 10-Jul-15 07:06:12

Thank you both!

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