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Pregnant Asthmatic Lady Exposed to Chicken Pox! Help....

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Toothache Thu 06-May-04 07:59:51

DS's nursery informed me yesterday that there is an outbreak of Chicken Pox at the moment. Which means I have been exposed to it numerous times over the past 3 wks. I'm not convinced DS has had them as he only had 2 spots which didn't blister or scab over.

I have DEFINITELY had them, however I think I may have had them twice. I am currently 27wks pregnant and I'm an asthmatic..... it was a previous post of GeorginaA's that has got me thinking.

What's the likelihood that I'm not immune? And if I do contract it then what are the implications to the baby??

Please help, I'm a very worried girl....

mcgarry452 Thu 06-May-04 08:35:19

Hi Toothache,

I'm actually having the same problem! I was looking after my nephew over the bank holiday, and he's just gone and developed chicken pox, while I'm 21 weeks pregnant!

I'm going to the doctor today to have a blood test to check for antibodies, and if I don't have enough, then they'll give me something to help the immune system.

They're pretty sure that I'll be OK, as I've definitely had it before, but I thought I'd check just to make sure. Also, there's minimal risk to the baby after 20 weeks.

Hope this helps!

Toothache Thu 06-May-04 08:39:31

Thanks McGarry452 - I thought I'd read somewhere that it's a danger when you are in the 1st and last trimester?

I've got an antenatal appointment this Wednesday so maybe I should ask for the blood test to check my immunity.

I hope you are immune too.

GeorginaA Thu 06-May-04 09:16:05

Go to the doctor *now* and get a blood test - it's very simple and it should put your mind at rest. Chances are you are immune. *hugs* Do post back and let us know the results

luckymum Thu 06-May-04 10:36:36

Toothache and McGarry - agree with Georgina, get yourself off to the docs to see if you are immune. I had them at 29 weeks. I was given an anti-body injection but you need this sooner rather than later as it works better earlier on. There is a risk if you have chickenpox at the time of delivery as baby can get a type of viral pneumonia. Try not too worry too much (yeah I know!). Hugs

Jimjams Thu 06-May-04 11:06:55

mid pregnancies the "best" time to catch it. The main danger is catching it right at the end so the newborn then gets it.

If you've had it you are very likely to be immune. I was exposed at the end of pregnancy, had never had it, but on testing had antibodies.

Toothache Thu 06-May-04 11:13:22

Thanks All,

I've made an appointment to speak to my GP on the phone this afternoon (Strange Surgery I have here!!).

I'm feeling a bit more relaxed now. At least I know if I do catch it it should be well gone by the time the baby is due.

mcgarry452 Fri 07-May-04 08:48:27

Let me know how you go!

I had my blood test yesterday, so I imagine that they'll get back to me soon....

Toothache Fri 07-May-04 08:54:20

McGarry - My GP has added in my notes that I've to get tested for the antibodies at my 28 Antenatal appointment this Wednesday. So hopefully that'll show I'm immune.

The problem is that there is nothing in my notes to say I've had Chicken Pox as my Mum never took me to the Doctors when I supposedly had it! A midwife I spoke to yesterday said that we often mistake other 'spot-producing' viral infections as Chicken Pox!

GeorginaA Fri 07-May-04 11:22:11

Toothache, I don't mean to worry you but really you should push get that antibody check NOW. If you don't have antibodies they can give you a VZIG injection to help but it's most effective within 96 hours of exposure and the latest they can give it to you is 10 days after exposure. Every day counts (especially if it takes them a while to assess the bloods). Can you not phone up and ask to be seen today?

Toothache Fri 07-May-04 11:35:08

GeorginaA - They said it's not too much of a problem if I catch it as I'm only 27wks pg. All right for him eh??? He wasn't going to test me at all, I had to ask if they would. Even the MW I spoke to wasn't too concerned.

I definitely wouldn't get an appointment today, my GP's is NIGHTMARE!

GeorginaA Fri 07-May-04 11:42:03

Toothache, that's terrible Chickenpox can still be very nasty for you even if the baby would be alright.

Hopefully you've got the antibodies already - chances are you have.


Toothache Fri 07-May-04 11:46:15

I'm sure I will be immune as my brothers have both had it and there have been a few outbreaks at ds's nursery and I've managed to escape.

Fingers crossed!

GeorginaA Fri 07-May-04 11:51:59

If your brothers have had it, then it's fairly certain you did Still think your GP sucks :P

Toothache Fri 07-May-04 11:57:34

Unfortunately my brothers are 11 and 14 yrs younger than me and I moved out long before they had Chicken Pox, but I was quite often in my Mums and they came around to my flat whilst one of them was all spotty. So I've definitely been exposed to it before.

GP does suck... average 10 days for an appointment.

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