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Pregnancy / baby brain...what's the worst thing you've done?

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cazzabazz Sun 28-Jun-15 00:19:04

I've had 'baby brain' for a while now (I'm 20+5), and I've done things like going to work wearing clothes the wrong way round, forgetting why I'm in a particular room etc, but tonight was the worst....I bought tickets months ago for a show I was really excited about, and had put in my diary ages ago, but at 10.30pm tonight I suddenly remembered that I was supposed to be there! It was far too late (it was already over by then) and it was for one night only, plus I'd spent a lot of money on the tickets, so I'm gutted. I'd even looked at my diary yesterday and still I forgot! sad To make me feel better, what's the worst thing you've done (or forgotten to do) whilst suffering from 'baby brain'?

chocolatecake2015 Sun 28-Jun-15 08:00:23

Oh nooo sad don't beat yourself up. It is out of your control sometimes!!

I fixed a dinner date at someone's house for hubby and me to attend to specifically at 6:00pm. It was confirmed verbally AND in writing, and somehow I changed the time to 7pm in my head and rudely turned up an hour late.

I have done this more than once. It shocked me that even writing it down didn't get it through my thick head! smile

ARV1981 Sun 28-Jun-15 08:39:07

I find I have to put everything in my phone calendar which gives me a reminder to do things...

Suzie2010 Sun 28-Jun-15 08:50:21

I took ky son to his grandmas while i went to work. Pick up a bag i thought had his DS in
Got to his grandmas and realiased i had taken a bag of cabbage. He was not impressed.

MissTwister Sun 28-Jun-15 09:14:47

I just completely forget things and get muddled up with dates too. It's very frustrating as I am normally so on the ball with that type of stuff.

Also I am forgetting words - which is embarrassing!

Cornettoninja Sun 28-Jun-15 09:20:36

I've tried to make my (one precious) coffee straight from the kitchen tap. Tears resulted from that one despite been in my own kitchen and it was the easiest thing in the world to make another hmm

I'm finding shops increasingly difficult too, there's just to much choice and my brain stops working completely and I forget why I'm there. Food shopping can be dealt with by having a list, but looking for non specific clothes is a nightmare.

NoMontagues Sun 28-Jun-15 09:38:20

grin at "bag of cabbage"

Not a bad thing as such but when I'm pregnant / breastfeeding my brain refuses to read words properly. I see the first letter or two and maybe the last letter and then my brain fills in the rest, usually incorrectly.

Eg. cornetto's post above- I read "non specific" as "non alcoholic" at first confused

ProbablyMe Sun 28-Jun-15 09:46:51

18 years ago whilst expecting DS1 I was shopping in Tesco with my then DH and he pooped to the loo whilst I was paying. I then completely forgot he was there and drove off without him...blush

OhEmGeee Sun 28-Jun-15 09:57:29

Out house is completely devoid of teaspoons. I have no idea where I've put them.

I have 2 DC, it does not improve.

OhEmGeee Sun 28-Jun-15 09:58:26

he pooped to the loo whilst I was paying

How embarrassing! grin

Frillsandspills Sun 28-Jun-15 11:04:11

Oh no! Sorry you missed the show you must have been so disappointed!

I'm 15+2 and I've had baby brain for weeks now.. I think the worst thing I've done is take burgers out of the freezer ready to make myself and the family my replica of a Big Mac (must say they are amazing!).
Anyway, everyone was looking forward to them but after a few minutes I couldn't find them anywhere and it was the last box. I looked in the freezer and the fridge in case id put them back but it was a complete mystery. Anyway about 8 hours later I found them in the draw we keep pizza cutters/cheese graters etc. all defrosted and soggy.. I felt so stupid and god knows why I put them there!

I've also noticed baby brain is affecting my hearing, yesterday my friend said to put money in my other friends back pocket (she wouldn't accept money for the meal we went to as it was her treat) but I was convinced she said plant pot, so when we drove back to her house to drop her off I was looking everywhere for a plant pot and it was only when I mentioned to my friend I didn't think it was safe leaving money in a plant pot that I realised what she actually said.

LilacWine7 Sun 28-Jun-15 11:04:54

I put the washing on spin instead of a wash cycle and couldn't figure out why wasn't filling up with water! When DH came to look at it (after I insisted it was broken) he pointed out my mistake. I switched it to wash cycle then realised I'd forgotten to put fabric conditioner in so I dreamily opened the tray... DH was still bending over the machine pointing out the instructions on the label...and soapy water squirted up out of the tray into his eye! blush

Hummingbird15 Sun 28-Jun-15 13:22:41

Sorry you missed your concert. I'm not sure I can entirely blame baby brain, but I turned up on the wrong date to see Take That when I was 12 weeks - was really indignant at the doors when they wouldn't let us in until they pointed out the tickets were for the following week blush

Iloveonionchutney Sun 28-Jun-15 13:51:44

I could go on for hours about my first pregnancy. I've put Lenor in my coffee instead of milk, put the milk in a kitchen cupboard and only realised when I couldn't fit the kettle in the fridge. Found remote controls and phones in the fridge and the washing machine (never after it had been turned on thank goodness).
This pregnancy has been mostly forgetting what I'm about to say so I stand there like a mumbling idiot trying to remember grin

Dildals Sun 28-Jun-15 14:03:03

I showed up for my consultant's appointment a month early, was ready to kick up a stink, when I thought 'let's just double check …'

I put my porridge oats in the microwave without milk and then wondering why the house smells of burned toast.

I can't remember any of my colleagues names.

After DD was born I also put leave in conditioner under my arms, but that was sleep deprivation so not sure it is going to improve.

I make lists of everything now in my phone.

BadgerFace Sun 28-Jun-15 15:08:53

Bought my nice a birthday card from my high street. Wrote it, put it in an envelope with a stamp. Postman arrives, oh that will be Moonpig card I ordered for her yesterday, with her name and niece written on it, so I can't use it elsewhere...

I was only 10 weeks so dread to think what's going to come later in this pregnancy...

Emjones88 Sun 28-Jun-15 16:13:34

My baby brain has been pretty terrible from about 9/10weeks.

Generally just forgetting stuff. Lots of stuff.

Other day my boss gave me two simple instructions and I turned around to do them but then dollied off to do something completely different! Only remembering I forgot to do the things when I saw her again half hr later. She just smiled and said she had done it, thankfully my boss has been really good. I know make lists, on my hand so I can't forget to look at them!

Went shopping for tea, gnocchi tomato bake, got home to make it and realised I'd got everything except the gnocchi!

There are many more but baby brain has forgot them!!

Queazy Sun 28-Jun-15 20:28:51

I reported my car as stolen and called dh up at new job crying...I was walking home to meet police there to file full report when I realised I'd parked it two doors down. I proceeded to call police and car check back wailing an apology. Utter shame.

Queazy Sun 28-Jun-15 20:29:15

p.s. I must have been about 30 weeks at the time

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