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Ideas for dealing with... Erm impatience? or the need to control?

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Rosenwyn1985 Wed 24-Jun-15 13:22:58


So I'm 31+6 weeks pregnant with my second and I'm getting impatient. It's not that I want to have the baby now, I'd rather baby was full term. It's more that I am the kind of person that likes to feel in control (partly due to past anxiety issues) and I like to be prepared. Normally I would attack a problem head on, but the problem here is there is only so much I can do! I've written lists on the few bits I need to get, I've decided when I'll pack my maternity bag (Will have to stay a while due to health reasons so I need to be organised for this). I've written lists of favourite names, talked to my toddler, planned how we'll introduce them etc. Basically I've been as organised as possible but I still have this desperate need to do something! Anything! I just need to prepare. Short of hanging about these boards anything else you can think of? Maybe It's just a weird nesting mania and it will pass but it's driving me nuts! Not that I particularly want to clean you understand!

Worse yet I'm plenty busy! I have a toddler and I'm studying part time. So... Advice? I must sound nuts!

trilbydoll Wed 24-Jun-15 14:23:05

Have you got all the baby clothes from last time out of the loft? You could wash and iron them, that would take a while!

Finding the perfect present from baby for the toddler? A lot of thought went into that here.

Sorting out your clothes? I've put loads of work stuff or clothes I won't realistically fit into until Xmas at the earliest in the loft.

My approach was to stay firmly in denial until I started mat leave!

fixuplooksharp Wed 24-Jun-15 15:18:02

rosenwyn I feel your pain!! I am the same, I love to control situations and planning, no one I know plans quite like me! haha!! I have lists for everything, and frequently check them and add to them and re-google things from them. I am driving myself nuts!!!! The fact that I am out of control of this pregnancy/baby business makes me worse with the lists and the planning!!! I have 2 children and work part time and find my two days off during the week a nightmare because I am so restless and won't sit still for 2 minutes, I am clearing out large cupboards, cooking, sorting the garden etc just to keep my mind busy and feel in control. Aaaaahhhhhhh thats better, I feel a little better having explained that to someone who may actually 'get it'. I am 30 weeks so similar smile

Rosenwyn1985 Wed 24-Jun-15 16:09:00

Well I've got pretty bad spd so I've just gone on mat leave (or at least I'm on holiday and mat leave kicks in a bit later). I'm so glad it's not just me! I just want to feel in control and because I don't I end up with this total nuttiness! I think maybe I'm just going to have to keep making lists, reading online etc. It's actually a relief to have a midwife appointment as I feel like I'm doing something! Ridiculous really!

And yeah, pondering presents for our toddler. He loves to read so we're thinking a nice new book that baby can give him. Then we can all read it together in hospital when he comes to visit. I could be in for two weeks depending. Last time I did well and got out in less than a week!

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