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Tommee Tippee Essentials Set STERILISER

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MumToBe2015R Mon 15-Jun-15 21:48:33

Really not sure on what steriliser to go for. Getting mixed reviews from family & friends so thought I'd come & ask on here.

Really like the look of this steriliser but don't want to be spending £75 & it's no good. Please comment if you have this & what you think?

Or any others??

Thank you

AbbeyRoadCrossing Mon 15-Jun-15 21:58:18

I've got that one and its quite good, fits lots of bottles in. I think you can get it lots cheaper than that though on its own

Life2012 Mon 15-Jun-15 21:58:55

When I was pregnant with DS1 my mum bought me the AVENT Microwave Steriliser which comes with everything you need.

It takes 4 minutes to sterilise the equipment and I'm going to be re-using the steriliser (just bought new bottles) for DD2 3 years after first purchased smile

hope123x Mon 15-Jun-15 22:00:02

I loved my Milton cold water steriliser!!

Basically a bucket and lid you fill with cold water and add a Milton sterilising tablet (or liquid solution) too and sterilises bottles etc in 15 mins and the water is sterile for 24hrs. Can take everything in and out without having to change the water/re sterilise throughout the day! Really cheap toosmile

Cheshirehello79 Mon 15-Jun-15 22:02:47

Mumford be I've just bought the same in white Amazon for only £48 this was Last month. Heard it's the best as it has everything including bottle warmer so I would say go for it but look out for bargains

lunalovegood84 Mon 15-Jun-15 22:26:34

Also have the Avent microwave one, it was £10 in Aldi. It's very convenient.

tryingtocatchthewind Mon 15-Jun-15 22:34:33

Another vote for the cold water one. I had a fancy one for first baby and I'm now using the Milton one for baby 2. I love how easy it is, so much less fuss

mrsfazruns Tue 16-Jun-15 08:17:01

I think I'll go cold water milton too!!! Loved it with DS1

FernGullysWoollyPully Tue 16-Jun-15 08:20:13

I LOVE mam self sterilising bottles and have used them for my last 2 babies (not the same ones!)

Fill the Base with water, stack them up, couple of minutes in the microwave, done.

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