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dark discharge (tmi)

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tinyme135 Fri 12-Jun-15 14:07:59

Sorry for another post but I'm worried about my baby. I just went to the toilet and saw brown discharge. But when I wiped again it wasn't there. I dunno if I should worry or its happened to anyone else. I'm freaking out as it's my first child. My dh told me not to worry cause it's normal but I dunno

Daffodil1210 Fri 12-Jun-15 15:34:33

Hi tinyme,

First off - please try not to worry! I know easier said than done...

How far along are you?


GlitzAndGigglesx Fri 12-Jun-15 15:35:57

It happened to me when I was about 5/6 weeks it was just old blood

tinyme135 Fri 12-Jun-15 16:29:30

Daffodil I'm about 9 weeks gone. Since going back to the toilet nothing has been there when I wipe si would it be old blood. X

Daffodil1210 Fri 12-Jun-15 18:09:39

I would imagine it's old blood if it's brown and nothing to worry about, but if you're at all concerned I'd recommend contacting your GP or local Early Pregnancy Unit (EPU) directly next week just to put your mind at ease.

I had bleeding (both red and brown) one day every week for weeks 4-12 of my pregnancy and having early scans at my local EPU really helped alleviate my concerns. I gave birth almost 3 weeks ago now and they never did discover the reason for the bleeding but I had a healthy pregnancy otherwise!

BeeMyBaby Fri 12-Jun-15 18:44:50

tiny I've been having this as well quite a few times, I'm about 7 weeks. This is my 3rd and I faintly remember this happening with DC1 so I'm not overly worried... I even had a light pad worth of fresh blood with DC2 - although it freaked me completely out, everything was fine. Incidentally it happens more often if DH and I have dtd - any correlation there for you? As others have said, speak to your GP if you are still worried.

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