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Can I stop baby changing position?

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Skeppers Wed 10-Jun-15 08:52:40

I'm 31+3 and had an appointment with the midwife yesterday. All is well; baby has turned head-down and is exactly where he should be. Hooray!

Now, can I stop him from moving out of this position? He is very (VERY!) active and I'm worried he'll squirm his way back to a feet-down position again. Does it even really matter at this stage? I've tried to follow all the advice- sleeping/lying on my side, etc.

Am I over-thinking it? I've had such an easy pregnancy- touch wood!- so far I've got it in my head that I'm going to 'pay' for it with a horrendous birth (the midwife, rightly, told me to stop being stupid). At least knowing he's in the right place at the moment is giving me some solace!

Teeste Wed 10-Jun-15 09:35:04

I don't think so - I'm 38+6, have done everything apparently wrong with regards to positioning (I lay back on the sofa! I sleep on my back! Gasp!) and baby is still head down and engaged at this point smile

My MW said babies can turn (i.e. to back-to-back and, er, back) even during labour. You've got a while to go, anyway. I wouldn't start worrying until they start talking C-sections for breech or transverse. That would usually be sometime after 36 weeks. At that point they're generally too big to move quite as freely anymore, but anything could still happen. I'm sure you and your squirmy baby will be just fine!

Mangobubbles Wed 10-Jun-15 14:28:02

If it's your first baby I think it is unlikely to move now, there is not much room. With subsequent pregnancies babies move a lot more often as everything has already been stretched.

MissTwister Wed 10-Jun-15 14:48:11

My baby was head down at about 30-31 weeks and hasn't currently budged at 33. It can happen but I don't think they move about that much once we get to this stage - mine hasn't anyway just sits and squirms!

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