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work and baby - will I ever manage???

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MSMB Thu 04-Jun-15 08:31:00

I run my own business that's very hands on and demanding. I employ about 4 staff including my mum. Since finding out I was pregnant I've been training and planning for how I can juggle a baby and my work. I've worked hard to train staff, sort rotas and run through how to deal with any difficulties. I wanted at least a month off and then just to pop back in with baby one day a week for urgent bits and pieces. I've been off for 2 days as I'm about to give birth and the whole place seems to be falling apart. I appreciate my mums work but she finds it ok to constantly call me asking me questions and eventually asking me to come in! Last night I was upset and said if I can't even have a couple of days how can I possibly have a month off to bond with my baby and enjoy her!? My mum seems to have completely forgotten what it's like and is oblivious... She just says I can come in and stop being so silly and emotional. She thinks because the baby could come with me sometimes it's ok for me to come straight back to work.

Any mums have any tips on juggling a high pressure job/being self employed and becoming a mum?

mummybare Thu 04-Jun-15 08:37:42

I have no experience of this but it sounds to me as though you need someone else to be 'in charge' when you aren't there, and they need to be empowered to make decisions so the buck really does stop with them. And, judging by the way your mum oversteps your boundaries, it should definitely not be her!

Good luck, OP. And be firm with your mum. 'I am not available. You will have to sort it.' And repeat... wink

Artandco Thu 04-Jun-15 08:47:36

You just need to appointment someone in charge and say you are unavailable until x date regarding work

If you want to take baby back after this can work well. I have been taking my two to my office the last 5 years since a few weeks old. First a few hours, then increasing days and times. I also work from home in between donuts easier and dh works from home so we can swap who's on childcare duty.

At my office we have always had areas set up for them. I have a large office room with small separate area. The small area has always been their sleeping room/ snug with books etc. And I have toys etc available, quiet ones!.
Now they mainly come in the afternoons after nursery and school as older and they draw or do homework at my desk with me, play with dolls house ( both boys but love it and it's not noisy toy), play castle and figures or read in snug.

When small and in no school/ nursery I would try and divide day so baby wasn't in office all day ie I would go in early at say 7.30am, and dh would take baby out somewhere until 11am then drop in office and go to meetings.

We also have always had later bedtimes of 9pm so they could nap a few hours in the day say 1-4pm when working, then had playtime with us 6-9pm at home

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