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Fed up and 11 weeks to go

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S2b16 Thu 14-May-15 16:17:21

Currently sat at hosp waiting to be seen for reduced movements.
+luk in my urine so another sample has been sent off. Making it my 8th since I had a water infection at 8 weeks preg, now 29 weeks. Consultant said if I had a positive water sample I must be on anti biotics till delivery but every sample that gets sent off comes back fine. Last one had ++protein, +ketones & ++luk....was given anti biotics but sample again came back fine.
I've no idea what's going on. Know it could be discharge etc but I'm worried something is up but not showing.
Praying baby is okay, the wait to be seen seems to take ages. Going to be longest 11 weeks of my life

holeinmyheart Fri 15-May-15 00:31:20

Just sending lots of hugs and fingers crossed for you. You are worried sick you poor thing! Xxx

MissTwister Fri 15-May-15 07:16:37

How did it go in the hospital? Xx

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