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Where is the nub?

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dottiemad Wed 13-May-15 07:53:11

Im a little it the white line, the bum bit or is it not visible in this photo?

Sorry to seem a bit dim!

OneLittleManOneInOven Wed 13-May-15 08:57:55

Yes it's the White line and this looks like a little girl nub smile

dottiemad Wed 13-May-15 09:05:22

Thanks, That's what I thought ... I really don't mind boy or girl, its just fun having a guess :-)

OneLittleManOneInOven Wed 13-May-15 09:21:27

It is indeed but don't take it for gospel as I will put a picture up now of my little girl's nub and I had mainly boy guesses but she is all girl smile

OneLittleManOneInOven Wed 13-May-15 09:24:15

Oooo Dottie just remembered you from previous post about NT! How is baby, have things changed from the last scan

dottiemad Wed 13-May-15 09:29:04

Hi Littleman,

Thanks for remembering...

We went for our 12 week scan yesterday (rescheduled as baby was younger than initially thought, hence our 10 week worry!).

We had a different sonographer and I didn't mention anything about the findings of the last sonographer (she seemed unaware that we had been 2 weeks earlier). She performed NT measurements and I asked if there was nothing to be concerned :-)

I then told her the story from 2 weeks prior and she said there was absolutely nothing of concern that she had seen and that the highest NT she had gotten from today was 1.9mm :-)

So baby bean is doing just fine :-)

Thank you all for your support during this tough 2 weeks, hopefully we can now enjoy the rest of the pregnancy!

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