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sent home from hospital & restless. Any ideas.

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Rebecca1608 Sat 09-May-15 02:11:59

I was 32 weeks pregnant yesterday with twins but on the Thursday woke up with terrible nausea and upset stomach. Felt so ill i couldn't get out of bed until 12:45pm. I finally got up and just made a sandwich thinking it might settle but this bought on terrible period like pains underneath tummy and bad backache. By the time my OH finished work i was clammy and restless and sister took me to hospital.

I was seen by a lovely nurse then examined by a Dr. Who said i didn't seem to be in labour. The nurse suggested i had my steroids just incase but the Dr said no it wasn't necessary because i wasn't contracting- i ended up having the 2 jabs anyway and monitored throughout the night.

Yesterday when i woke up in the hospital the pains continued and after close monitoring they decided to let me home but in the mean time i lost a lot of brown discharge they said they weren't sure if it was from the examination or i had a show. So i went home and there's been more followed by a lot more pain in the lower part of my tummy and another "empty" sorry tmi. I've not eaten much to upset tummy so i don't think it's a bug I know they can't do much for me But i don't know what to do with myself either. Any suggestions?

Lewaney3 Sat 09-May-15 02:28:50

Hi Rebecca,

I didn't want to read and run. Unfortunately I'm not too knowledgeable being a first time mom to be myself. I'm currently 28 weeks pregnant with MCDA twins.

I honestly would be calling them again to explain if any further pains continued. However if it's just restlessness I'd suggest going over your hospital bag etc? I'm currently suffering from insomnia so just completed all my forms for bounty packs etc that I haven't collected. smile

I hope someone with a bit more knowledge and insight comes along soon to suggest something more helpful.

Congratulations on your twins by the way smile

Rebecca1608 Sat 09-May-15 02:38:51

I'm also first time mum with MCDA twins too. Congratulations on yours smile all my case and everything already packed and everything sorted but was just told to rest at home and no one wanted to do anything as i'm so prem- understandable and both heads are right down incase they start anything off. I'm resting as much as i can but the pain is making me feel sick and i can't lye or sit still.

Lewaney3 Sat 09-May-15 02:48:57

Oh lovely. Do you know what sex they will be? We're expecting identical boys smile I've got all their wardrobe nicely organised... That maybe something else to focus on?

I'm sorry to hear you're in so much pain. If it really is unbearable.. There's no harm in calling in? Would a warm bath perhaps help? Is the pain in a certain area? I.e when my lower back hurts a soft warm massage from my DH usually helps.

Rebecca1608 Sat 09-May-15 03:00:54

Awww lovely. How exciting. Identical girls we are having. I can't wait i'm just hoping they can keep cooking in there until my booked section at 36+3 June 8th but none of the nurses thought i'd last that far really. I just want them to be healthy so i'm hoping this isn't the start of something for me just yet.
I've had a couple of waterbottles since i've been home this afternoon but no help. The pain is constant in my lower back and in exactly the same place on front (so bottom tummy) obviously i trust them when they say i'm not in labour and i don't want to waste their time. They say call in or ring if something doesn't feel right but none of this does and i haven't since thursday. So at what point do i go in or phone?? When something bigger happens. They've also advised against painkillers (for reasons unknown) only paracetamol from time to time not as often as the usual 4 hours but they don't touch it anyway!

Lewaney3 Sat 09-May-15 03:08:48

Oh how cute! You're almost there now! Just a few more weeks, I definitely can understand with wanting to leave them cooking for as long as possible. Although I do look forward to the relief of having my ribs to myself again!

I understand not wanting to waste anyone's time. But you know your body best if you still feel something is not right and the pain is not decreasing etc I'd definitely call in and state that your condition has not improved and your still in pain. Meanwhile try to rest and just put your feet up(I know this is impossible when you're in pain but naps are always good right?) but from personal experiences with visits to hospital when one twin didn't feel right... Better to be over cautious and phone and get yourself checked over.

I really hope you manage to get some relief and sleep!

Lewaney3 Sat 09-May-15 03:13:33

Sorry to go off topic but may I ask whether you're booked in for elc due to twins positions or personal preference? Mine are both currently head down and my consultant is keen on a Vbirth although I'm unsure at this stage.

Rebecca1608 Sat 09-May-15 08:22:08

Same here. I'll see how i go today and if nothing changes i'll ring them then. I'm definitely going to nap today as i tend to sleep better in the day. I'm booked in for elcs as i found out i was expecting twins around 7 weeks pregnant and by 20+ weeks and lots of research i decided it was the safest option to get them into the world as quickly and safely as possible turns out all throughout one was breech and one transverse. However there was time for them to turn but even with them being both head down now my consultant recommended going through with it as i could deliver 1 naturally and 1 maybe by emc meaning 2 recoveries. Also with them sharing a placenta she said she couldn't guarantee both babies would be ok after a natural birth 1 could end up starved of oxygen. (Worse case) but it is a longer recovery. I pointed out i would have definitely tried naturally if it was 1 baby for experience and it wasn't because i was scared of birth cause no option is particulary nice but it's your choice but risk of complications are higher. I'd get some info off the internet. Peoples personal stories. NHS site etc....

2015isgoingtobeBIG Sat 09-May-15 08:34:04

How are you feeling this morning? I lost a small amount of my plug ten days ago and then continued to leAk been mucky fluid all day. Was at antenatal clinic all day for scans and pre-op assessment and everybody told me not to worry as even if it was my plug it didn't mean anything would happen. I'm currently sat here with one of my nine day old twins on my lap. For me my waters went then I went into natural labour which felt a lot like you describe. Twin one was breach so this was bad news for me. If you haven't called the hospital again, please call them and ask to be seen and monitored. Yes you are prem but that should mean they are more concerned about watching to see if you go into labour so they have the team ready to look after your babies when they arrive.
Good luck

Rebecca1608 Sat 09-May-15 09:27:30

Very tired this morning after only around 3 hours sleep again. i'm finding it hard to rest. I've lost a little more brown thick discharge this morning (sorry tmi there) and have got a little temperature and feeling quite breathless. I'm gonna keep my eye on that to see if any more comes for an hour or 2 but i'm definitely going to ring them for advice. They don't seem to be bothered as there's no contractions they have even said that. The feeling of needing to go to the toilet is still there although i've not been 'properly' yet today the nausea has worn off but very uncomfortable underneath and was told it's just because both head down really low. I think they wanted me to be discharged before weekend tbh.

2015isgoingtobeBIG Sat 09-May-15 09:55:38

Did they do a ctg when you were examined? Is the period psin continuous or crampy? If it's crampy, start writing down when you notice it happening to see how often it occurs and if there's a pattern. Might give you more evidence to take to them.
Good luck. I hope this is something and nothing so your precious girls can cook for a bit longer

Rebecca1608 Sat 09-May-15 10:00:55

Yes i had a ctg babies heartrates were lower than usual normally between 140-160 but couldn't get them from 119-120 for ages yesterday but eventually they were in the 130s and nurse seemed happy enough.
It's continuous when i get it it lasts for hours but then it will die down a bit it's a dull ache. Thankyou i hope so too i want them healthy but atleast i've had my steroids early.

Lewaney3 Sun 10-May-15 21:09:52

Hi Rebecca,

Just realised you posted an update on here yesterday!

Just thought I'd see how you are getting on? Has the pain decreased/ Did you manage to get seen again?

Hope you and twins are well! smile

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