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pink baby shower

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samroberts2 Mon 04-May-15 16:53:33

hi. im having a pink baby shower as im having a girl. can anyone think of pink food i can do. i have loads of desserts

MishMooshAndMogwai Mon 04-May-15 16:54:46


<runs out of ideas>

Allstoppedup Mon 04-May-15 16:56:08

Ham crudites?
A gammon joint
Pate (not so much for you!)
Raspberries/pink fruits.

Fizzy13 Mon 04-May-15 16:56:15

Pomegranate in salads?

Fattycow Mon 04-May-15 16:57:31

Cake! You can have pink icing, pink sponge, pink decorations.

Lovelydiscusfish Mon 04-May-15 17:01:23

Taramasalata? Personally I hate it, but it is pink. You can buy tubs of it if you don't want yo make it.
Or beetroot hummus, which I believe is easy to make, and would be nicer in my opinion.
Smoked salmon pinwheels?
Cocktail sausages?

scarednoob Mon 04-May-15 19:12:40

You can get or make pink pasta - it's coloured with beet. So you could do a pasta salad with red onions, red peppers etc, or a hot pasta with smoked salmon or something?

Also saw these at a breast cancer function, which might be pretty:

applecore0317 Mon 04-May-15 20:01:46

Mini pink pavlova's
Strawberries and cream
Parma ham
Smoked salmon and cream cheese wheels

dancinglorna1984 Mon 04-May-15 20:08:21

Pink Fondant Fancies (my favourite), Jelly, Pink Wafers...

Lovelydiscusfish Mon 04-May-15 22:23:40

If you wanted to serve cheese, Wensleydale with cranberries is fairly pink in colour, and very yummy, (and most supermarkets seem to sell it, so easy to get hold of).

marshmallowpies Mon 04-May-15 22:40:10

I have a favourite party canapé which looks really pretty - red chicory which you separate out by the leaves, on each leaf put a few small squares of feta cheese and some pomegranate seeds. Awesome combination of sweet, bitter, salty, soft and crisp. And looks just lovely.

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